New Drought-resistant Tree in Darfur to tackle climate change

We really are turning Darfur GREEN together! 

We are so excited to share that we have recently started planting trees in our new villages, including a newly introduced drought-resistant tree, named Albizia Lebbek.

This means we are now planting 15 varieties of drought-resistant trees!

The Albizia Lebbek gives wonderful coverage for shade and can be used for medicinal purposes to treat such conditions as inflammation, boils, coughs, flu and lung problems.

Wow, isn’t nature just incredible!

Thank you so much for supporting our tree-planting projects!

All the trees you have helped us plant will help stabilise the sand , give shade to families and their animals and stop the desert spreading any further. All our trees also have by-products, such as gum arabic (Acacia Senegal), pesticides (Neem Tree) and citrus fruits, that will add to people’s livelihoods.  This is important as watering them is a labour of love with water often miles away across the desert.

To date we have planted over 53,000 trees and made great progress but there is still lots to be done!

Many will have died – as of course can happen anywhere – but the many thousands that have succeeded transform the desert. We have even planted shade trees at the vast IDP camps. To see a green canopy over the crowded huts is transformative. Where our community forests are doing well, animals and birds are returning, which have not been seen for years. Life returning to the deserts of Darfur.

Can you help us with our tree planting projects?

Just £10 allows us to plant 5 seedlings in a community forest – small community forests normally hold up to 1,000 trees – and £45 is enough to plant 20 fruit trees in a village so just imagine the difference you could be making.

Donate Trees to tackle Climate Change today!

Together we can help slow down the spread of the desert, ensure the future of Darfur is green and change children’s lives for good.