Kick for Kids at St Paul’s School, Dorking

St Paul’s School in Dorking held their Darfur Day at the end of term when they took part in lots of exciting activities to raise awareness of Kids for Kids and the challenges facing children in Darfur.  Result?  A  fantastic £345!  Thank you so much to St Paul’s for putting the fun into such amazing fundraising.





They had such a range of activities for all the children to get involved in:

Kick for kids – a penalty shoot-out where participants had to score by kicking a ball into the goal.

Goal for goats –  throwing a basketball through the hoop.

The saving water relay race doubled up by teaching children how careful they have to be when carrying water and how much water we use.  They had to keep as much water in a thimble throughout the race and the most water at the end won.

Feed the goat blindfold. A.k.a. pin the tail on the donkey.

Design a coat for a goat.

The children all came to school wearing their team colours and each donated a pound.

The activities were all brought together with a whole school assembly which added a reminder to why the day was being held and got the children thinking about Darfur and why it was important to raise funds to help children their age living in such poverty.  “When I visited St Paul’s earlier this year I was really inspired by the empathy even the smallest children had with children their own age living so far away.    Children really show us what generosity is” said our Founder, Patricia Parker MBE.   “It has been really special having my local school supporting Kids for Kids.    They have proved it is not true what they say about prophets not being recognised in their own land!   I am loving being able to walk over the hill to see everyone at St Paul’s.    You deserve a wonderful summer holiday.”

Thank you to all the children at St Paul’s for their amazing sense of fun.


If your school would like to fundraise for Kids for Kids, please do get in touch