Crazy hair at Heathland School, London

The incredible students at Heathland School, South Harrow, have shown their determination to help children their own age in Darfur after our Founder, Patricia Parker, went to see them.  Patricia spoke and showed them pictures taken in the villages of how desperately deprived children their own age are.  Patricia asked them to imagine what it would be like to have no toys to play with, no nutritious food and to have to sleep on the sand inside the straw huts they call home.   Encouraged by inspirational teacher Aaisha Sabir and the rest of the staff, pupils at Heathland School held a ‘crazy hair day’ and raised an amazing £548!

This followed collections at two Music Concerts raising £215 thanks to Tim Smith the school’s Music teacher.  Mr Smith was so overwhelmed by the assembly Patricia held, he decided to carry out an extra collection.  “I am so grateful to everyone at this hard working school,” said Patricia   “Thank you Tim for lending me your remote control pen for my Presentation, and even more for raising extra funds.   The funds from the concerts will provide a food tray and cover, 2 jerry cans, a jug and 4 cups, shoes and uniform for 5 children, £20 of library books for a kindergarten, 20 fruit trees, 5 drought resistant trees and 2 mosquito nets.   These will all go to one of the five villages we have adopted this year in Darfur.   These are really important items and, where families have virtually nothing, will have a real impact.”

“The pupils were terrific, I am always impressed with the way children can empathise with others their own age who live a world away, in such different and difficult circumstances.  Hearing about how hard life is in Darfur is not always an easy thing.  Being able to tell them there is something they can do – How they can help stop children suffering from malnutrition – was inspiring and thought provoking.”

Thank you everyone, and especially their inspirational teachers Aaisha Sabir, RE Faculty lead for arranging the visit and Tim Smith for arranging the collection.