Joanna Lumley to Double your Donations

Backed by Dame Joanna Lumley DBE FRGS and special friends who have pledged to match all donations up to £27,500, Kids for Kids has announced a Doubling Campaign to help the Forgotten children of Darfur this December!

Together we can raise a whopping £55,000 this month to help children facing starvation right now.   Can you help?

Kids for Kids has announced immediate availability of £27,500 matched funding for all donations to help children who are facing starvation.

Darfur is out of sight – and conditions are the worst ever, worse even than in Somalia.   Mothers are begging for help to feed their children. Starvation is a serious threat.  At the same time the worst outbreak of malaria has swept across the region because of the vast areas of standing water following floods after months of drought.   Kids for Kids will be providing goats, seeds and mosquito nets – enabling the children of Darfur to survive one of their toughest years yet.

Our matching campaign this month means that ANY DONATIONS YOU GIVE WILL UP UNTIL 31st DECEMBER 2022 WILL BE DOUBLED!
So, for every Goat you donate – a family will receive TWO GOATS! 
For every sack of seed you give, TWO SACKS OF SEED will save lives! 
For every Tree you ask us to plant, we will plant TWO TREES! 

Patricia Parker OBE, Founder of Kids for Kids 21 years ago, says “Christmas is the time of giving but few gifts will last beyond New Year – not the gifts I want.  I want a GOAT, a MOSQUITO NET and a SACK OF SEED. These are the gifts that save children’s lives and provide villages, in some of the most remote communities in the world, a chance to pull themselves out of poverty long term.”

Why a Goat? – because it’s milk will save a little 5 year old from starving.  “Conditions are so bad this year in Darfur that even in our Kids for Kids villages I am getting reports that little ones are in urgent need of emergency food if they are to survive. It’s the smallest that succumb first.”
A Goat costs £50

Why a mosquito net?   “It’s heart breaking.  There are the worst swarms of mosquitos in Darfur I have ever known. The military government failed to spray the standing water and they have bred uncontrollably.  Malaria is still the biggest killer in Africa.  In Darfur they carry the feared Dengue fever, chikungunya, and yellow fever. All deadly. Our Project Officer Hassan has malaria for the second time this year.  He has been very ill and feared it was Dengue. When he managed to get himself to hospital in search of the malaria drugs he desperately needed, he saw every bed filled with children. Sadly he said half of those will die.  They are too thin and undersized from months of malnutrition to fight the disease.”
2 mosquito nets cost £18

Why a sack of seed? “Darfur struggled with prolonged drought this year.   People had scarcely enough to eat.  WHO appealed for help from the international community months ago, but what help was provided did not reach the villages. I am being asked for emergency seed so that a family can have one meal of porridge a day to keep them alive until the harvest.”
A sack of seed costs £15


“No matter how grim times may be here this Christmas,” says Dame Joanna Lumley DBE, FRGS, who is a Patron of Kids for Kids, “no matter how straitened our circumstances or how tight our belts, we can be sure that in Darfur things are immeasurably more dreadful. Please will you open your hearts and wallets this Christmas and make a donation to those so far away and in such desperate need. Thank you very much… and Happy Christmas.”

Together, we could help raise a staggering £55,000 for the forgotten children of Darfur!
And, don’t forget…for every donation you make, we can create a unique Christmas Gift Certificate for your loved ones! The perfect gift that keeps on giving and giving! 

To donate:    Go to Donate.  Choose your gifts.  Order your Gift Certificate by putting the relevant details into Notes box at Checkout!