ISB children raise vital funds with Walk for Water

Wow!  We are truly thankful to the students at the International School of Brooklyn (ISB) who have managed to raise a whopping $2,800 with their third wonderful Walk for Water!

Preschool and Lower School students carried heavy bottles and jugs of water – just like the children in Darfur have to do every day – as they completed sponsored laps around ISB’s block.

The students were so excited to support Kids for Kids that they walked, walked and walked..!

Thank you to all those students and to their wonderful friends and family who sponsored them – you are all superheroes!

The International School of Brooklyn has been an unbelieveable supporter of Kids for Kids for many years now.  Can you help children in Darfur, just like these children have?

It all started when Patricia Parker OBE, Founder of Kids for Kids, went to visit the Southbank International School in North London 21 years ago! A little girl there, Sage, was so enamoured with the work of Kids for Kids that she told her whole family about it and, year after year, always asked for a goat certificate for Christmas.

When Sage’s family moved back to the States a few years later, her little 6 year-old brother, Owen, was enrolled at the International School of Brooklyn – and that’s when this wonderful relationship began!

ISB decided to do a Walk for Water in support of Kids for Kids and their initial walk was enchanting! The children were excited to walk from the school with their empty water bottles to the Brooklyn Boat Pond where they filled them up with water and carried them back to school again. Funnily enough, they were less excited to be carrying the full water bottles when they became so heavy!!

To think of how many lives the children and families of ISB have managed to save since that first Walk for Water is just incredible and quite overwhelming.

The Walk for Water is an amazing initiative and these vital funds raised will help us dig wells to provide desperately-needed clean water to families and their animals in Darfur.

Thank you so much to the International School of Brooklyn and all your supportive students, friends and families who have managed to raise such life-saving funds.

Could you consider organising a Walk for Water with your local school?

Children love helping children their own age and this would be such a positive step in helping these forgotten children in Darfur have access to one of life’s most basic essentials.

Or could you donate to our Water Projects today to provide access to life-saving clean water to children, their families and their animals?

Thank you so much – Water really is life.