Water – Children in Darfur are in desperate need, but we can make a difference.

“How must mothers feel as they face each day, knowing that their children are thirsty, in a country where temperatures soar, and where the wind dries everything as it sweeps across the desert scrub?”

Patricia Parker MBE, Founder Kids for Kids

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Water – a major problem in Darfur
As you read this, children in Darfur villages in Sudan are walking for hours across the desert in search of water. They are missing school, childhood, and are in danger of being attacked on their journey as violence increases in Darfur. There is water, but it is underground – if only families could afford a handpump.  Many supporters are fundraising with a sponsored Walk for Water – Please will you help too?

Walking for water destroys childhood
Imagine you are 9 years old.  Every day you miss school because you have to walk seven hours or more across scorching sand to fetch every drop of water which you and your younger brothers and sisters need to stay alive.  You are thirsty, you are scared – what if you are attacked, or get lost in a sandstorm?  You reach the handpump, and have to queue.  Finally, you face the long walk back – this time with a heavy Jerry Can.  If only you had a pump in your village – there is water, but it is too deep underground to dig by hand, and your village cannot afford a survey and drill.

With your help we can make a change
Kids for Kids is the only charity dedicated to the children of Darfur.  Our projects are already helping 360,000 people in 70 villages.  Each year we try to add more.  In 2015 we have adopted an additional 8 villages – a further 2,213 families.  Among our many grassroots projects, we install handpumps in this troubled region where many other charities refuse to work, or are not allowed to operate.  We fence in our handpumps to keep animals away so the water is clean, but we add a trough outside the fence, so that they too can drink.  We train village committees and set up local funding mechanisms so that repairs can be carried out and the water can keep flowing long term.  This is real sustainable change.  Once the handpump is working, children no longer have to walk for water and are able to go to school every day.  Education transforms their entire future.  Families can plant trees and grow vegetables, breaking the cycle of starvation.  Your gift of water truly is the gift of life – long term – for children in Darfur.



Remember our Patron Ruth Rendell & give water to six whole communities

Please contribute to The Kids for Kids Ruth Rendell Submersible Pump Appeal for the village of Kulkul.  This water pump will give abundant water not just to families in Kulkul but to five nearby communities as well.    When you donate for this Appeal, please add a tribute, if you wish, to this remarkable lady who campaigned for so long to prevent FGM and whose generosity to Kids for Kids over many years has transformed hundreds of children’s lives.   https://mydonate.bt.com/events/rememberruth

     Please help us to do more – whatever you can do to help will make a difference