St Bede’s House Worth Abbey to support Kids for Kids – again!

Wonderful news this week!   We have just heard that the students of St Bede’s House, Worth Abbey, have adopted Kids for Kids for another year.    The world has forgotten Darfur, but not St Bede’s.    House Master Mike Mathews told us that this year the plan is to row the Atlantic!   Not literally, but with the help of rowing machines, and it is not going to be plain sailing.     In 2015 they ran to Africa (round the school grounds)  – raising £3,466 – and in 2014 they climbed Everest (up and down the house stairs!) when they raised £2,055 on top of funds they had already donated that year.     I am told Rowing the Atlantic is going to be the best yet.

What these young people are doing is showing the rest of the world that they believe in sustainable development, aimed not just at ensuring children no longer suffer from malnutrition, but helping Kids for Kids to enable people to stay in their homes and not to be forced to leave, becoming migrants across the world in a desperate attempt to find work and save their families.

Worth Abbey is a very special place as are the students of St Bede’s House.   st-bedes-8