Softstar Shoes transforms off-cuts into cat toys

Softstar are amazing shoe-makers that make handmade shoes for happy, healthy feet.  Not only this, but they are committed to walking lightly on the earth – a beautiful concept – conserving raw materials by thoughtful use.  This is where the cat toys come in!  The toys are made from off-cuts of fabric and leather from their shoes.  Inspired by Cassidy when she was just 6 years old Softstar Shoes have been supporting Kids for Kids for over 10 years.

Softstar Shoe company are supporting us by donating 100% of the proceeds from their catnip filled cat toys to Kids for Kids.

Buy some now, and some new shoes too – not only can you support Kids for Kids, but you are proving that we can easily minimize our environmental footprint by reducing waste, reusing and recycling.

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