KING-dergarten donated by King Charles III changes children’s lives in Darfur, Sudan

RH King Charles III took part in a one-off and unique art auction to raise money for families in Darfur, Sudan, before he came to the throne of Great Britain, and enabled Kids for Kids to build its first Kindergarten – or King-dergarten – to transform children’s lives!

Joining an impressive list of celebrities which included His Holiness Pope Benedict VII, Prime Minister David Cameron, Sir Quentin Blake CE FCSD RDI, Eamonn Holmes, Dame Kelly Holmes DBE, Ken Howard OBE RA, and many more.  HRH King Charles III donated a lithograph in 2012 as part of ‘Drawn to Darfur’ an art auction, organised by Kids for Kids to help children living in remote villages. The auction raised a staggering £72,000 which enabled the charity to adopt an entire village in Darfur, introducing its life-changing sustainable projects to the community. A new handpump meant there was clean water for families at last. The Kids for Kids’ Goat loan allowed mothers to feed their malnourished children protein-rich goat’s milk and save their lives. Not only that, but a new Kindergarten was built from the proceeds, thanks to His Majesty.

The Lithograph donated by the then Prince Charles on its own enabled the first Kids for Kids’ Kindergarten to be built in 2014 at Abu Nahla, 47km north of El Fasher. Over 200 students enrol in the Kindergarten each year. “Kindergartens have been the dream of mothers ever since I first went to Darfur 22 years ago” said Founder Patricia Parker OBE “to at last be in a position to fulfil this dream was incredibly moving. Just imagine how many lives have been changed in one of the most deprived areas of the world. Children now receive an education and can dream of a future out of poverty – all thanks to the support of our new King.”

One touching story tells of a lovely lady named Amira (meaning ‘princess’) who lives in Abu Nahla. In 2012, Amira received 5 nanny goats thanks to the Kids for Kids’ Goat loan. After 2 years, once the little flock had grown, Amira repaid the loan by passing 5 goats on to another of the poorest families in the village. Amira saw how goat’s milk transformed the health of her own children. Ever since then, she has taken goat’s milk from her Kids for Kids goats to give to the children at their new Kindergarten. She said: “God Bless Prince Charles. When the world failed Darfur, he enabled Kids for Kids to build our Kindergarten. It was a dream come true.”

Today, with the outbreak of violence across Sudan, Kids for Kids is appealing for emergency funding to help families without food, water and basic supplies. Kids for Kids is the only organisation, working from the regional capital El Fasher through local people.

“People are living in fear, and in desperate need of our help” said Patricia “We cannot turn our backs on them. We must act now to save lives.”

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