Ken Howard Art Auction success!

‘Ken Howard and Friends – The Auction’ was held last Thursday, the 26th of October at the John Bly Gallery and was an incredible success. We are delighted to announce that a grand total of paintings sold has reached over £25,000!

“I cannot thank Ken Howard enough for inviting so many of our top artists to join together to help raise funds for children in Darfur. With the funds received by Kids for Kids we will be able to provide 225 goats, sufficient for 37 families – saving over 220 children from malnutrition. In two years time, kids from those goats will help even more children as goats are rotated to new families. Mothers cannot afford protein in any form and goats’ milk will transform their lives long term.”

The Auction was held at the John Bly Gallery on the Kings Road, enabling the paintings to be displayed beside antique furniture and lit by chandeliers, turning it into an unique Exhibition of works by exceptional artists. Many of the artists joined Ken Howard and John, Virginia and James Bly, at the Private Views and the Auction, including Tom Coates, Mary Jackson, Salliann Putman, Sue Ryder, Toby Ward, Patrick Cullen, David Parfitt and Melissa Scott-Miller. An event with this many artists of such a high calibre coming together is rare, and we were absolutely thrilled to have such wonderful pieces to Auction.

The incredible artists who took part were:
Ken Howard – Richard Pikesley – Francis Bowyer – Eileen Cooper – Alan Cotton – Maurice Sheppard – Bob Brown – Salliann Putman – Diana Armfield – Andrew Macara – Sir Quentin Blake – Toby Ward – Melissa Scott-Miller – Susan Ryder – William Bowyer – David Parfitt – Mary Jackson – Tom Coates – Michael Sandle – Patrick Cullen – Ann Le Bas – Fred Cuming – Charles Bone

Professor Ken Howard OBE, RA said “Art is a necessity. We are here for a relatively short time and anything that makes the time that we’re here richer is worth the money we spend on it. Art will give endless pleasure, and be an investment, and now it is helping children too!”.

We are grateful to the artists for their incredible artwork, and for supporting Kids for Kids and to all those who helped us in organizing this fabulous event: John and James Bly letting us use the John Bly Gallery and their expertise in hanging the paintings, which was integral to the success, and the magazines and online platforms for helping us to publicise the evening (with special thanks to The New English Art Club for their support!)!

“Art turned into healthy children – what a wonderful success” said Patricia.

The online bidding is now closed, but if you are interested in any of the pictures, or would like to see more of the artist’s work, please take a look at our Auction page here.

You can also watch this fabulous video of the event, created by photographer/videographer Paul Baichoo.