CHEAM SCHOOL pupil – an example to us all

Flora, age 5, a pupil at Cheam School, generously donated her winning prize from a competition which she won over Christmas, to Kids for Kids. Flora had been so taken with the plight of the children in Darfur, following a visit by our Founder Patricia Parker, that she took it upon herself to do something more.  She sent her £100 prize money to help children her age.

“This was an extraordinary thing to do” said Patricia.   “How easy it would have been for little Flora to buy something she had wanted for herself, but instead of that, she sent her prize to help children living thousands of miles away in a remote village in Darfur.    What a lovely way to start the year.   Flora is setting us all an example.”


We were touched too to receive a beautifully written letter from Flora with drawings of some of the things she loves best – her chickens, flowers, being with Mummy and horse riding.   Flora wanted us to know how fortunate she is and was determined to help children her age in Darfur who lead very different lives.

“It means a great deal to me when someone as young as Flora finds a way to make a real difference” said Patricia.   “Flora’s prize will provide a goat and a donkey for a family in real need in Darfur.    When that family passes on a kid from Flora’s goat in two year’s time yet another family will benefit.   Flora gives me hope for a brighter future for all children in the world – and particularly to the children in the family who now have a little goat and little donkey to help them in their lives.   Thank  you Flora.   You are an inspiration to us all.”