Candlelit Christmas Concert 2021 – LIVE IN LONDON!

We are delighted to announce that our magical, much loved, Candlelit Christmas Concert will once again be live in London at St Peter’s Eaton Square this year on Thursday 2nd December 2021.    The girls at our much loved Queen’s Gate School are already queuing up to rehearse!

Please book your tickets as soon as possible as we will be extra specially careful to arrange social distancing as necessary and it will therefore be a first come, first served, basis.   Should Covid prevent us from holding the concert live, we will refund your ticket and restage the event on line, as we did last year.


I am of course inviting all our Patrons – it was such a joy last year to have them all with us but on line.  You will remember us being able to talk to Timothy West from his home with Prunella in Wandsworth, and speaking to Miriam Margolyes in Italy.  This year the plan is to be together in person.

Please order your tickets today!   We are keeping prices the same as in 2019, our last live Concert.

Adults £35 (minimum donation) children £17.50 (minimum donation)