Construction of Eight New Buildings Underway!

We are thrilled to announce that construction of eight new buildings – Kindergartens and Health Centre’s – is now underway in Darfur. Five new Kids for Kids Kindergartens are being built in the villages of Lawabid 2005, Majdoub (A) 2007, Kindro 2013, Hillat Kharif 2014, and Kulkul 2015.*  Kindergartens are one of the most sought after projects by Kids for Kids villages because parents know that education is a key route out of poverty, and will undoubtedly provide their children with a real chance at a better future.

Three New Health Centre’s are being built in the villages of Dor Fazy 2014, Mireikhis 2015, Kamala Kira 2015. Before the violence started in Darfur, people could travel to a nearby health centre to receive care. These centre’s closed down when violence began, leaving families today without access to healthcare except for very far away from the villages. We are thrilled to provide healthcare to everyone, as we train first aid workers and midwives in every village we adopt. Providing a health centre makes the lives of these trained professionals even easier, and allows anyone who needs help to get it.

At this stage all eight buildings have already received their first installment of red bricks and the order has been placed for the second installment, as of course the building will be built in stages and we must be careful with funds. The steering committee have authorized the purchase committee to source and prepare to purchase additional building materials like cement, doors, and windows with a local building material agent and two different workshops.

Kindergartens and Health Centre’s are secondary Kids for Kids projects, meaning they are only considered once a village has successfully run our initial basic essential projects and proven they are committed to sustaining them. The most successful villages have the chance to qualify for additional assets, such as kindergartens and health centre’s, by submitting an Annual Report giving full details and evaluation of their projects which is then considered by the Kids for Kids Team. Each village applying for an additional project must be able to provide the labour to construct the building and commit to maintaining it long-term.

We can’t wait to give you more updates on these buildings. It is going to be fantastic when they are up and running, providing essential services to families in great need. In the meantime, if you fancy kitting out our Kindergartens you can donate Library Books or Shoes and Uniforms for the children!  Or help us raise funds for more Kindergartens by donating 30 bricks – or even finance an entire School!

*Please note that the year cited after each village is the year Kids for Kids adopted that village. 

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