Why Midwives?

There is no healthcare in Darfur and the nearest hospitals are hours away.  Our First Aid workers and Midwives are preventing problems from becoming catastrophes every day.  

Young women get married early and face the prospect of childbirth with a traditional birth attendant who has had no training – not even the basics of hygiene and first aid. With FGM (female genital mutilation) widespread in the region, there is a high risk of obstructed labour, and in difficult cases rope delivery is the only help. Permanent damage to mother and child are common and many do not survive. Our CEO Patricia says “I can’t begin to imagine how fearful these mothers must feel as the time approaches for their children to be born.”

Kids for Kids has been training midwives since 2002 and these amazing women are saving lives. Our partnership approach with the Health Authority in El Fasher, the regional capital of North Darfur, means the training school we built there is well respected. We aim to train 40 midwives each season.  Kids for Kids pays half the cost per midwife with the State Ministry of Health paying the other half, which demonstrates the local commitment to providing better care, and results in respect and recognition for the midwives who qualify.  We also provide our midwives with the absolute essentials – their medical kit, a solar lantern for night time deliveries, and a strong cross-bred donkey to reach patients further away, strong enough to pull the ‘ambulance’ to reach help quickly in an emergency.  They are very proud of their white uniform (a sari or tobe made of cotton) but especially love their leather sandals!  Midwives tell us that people stay in their villages now, because they know they have a better chance.

When our midwives return to their villages they will be amongst the most respected people in their communities. Kids for Kids’ midwives are trained in baby care too.   Many mothers in desperation feed their babies unsuitably and some die because they cannot digest properly.   Because they are local women, respected in their own communities, their teaching of the dangers of FGM is believed and in our villages it is a dying tradition.

Can you help us equip this season’s new trainees and save more women and babies in Darfur?  Click here to give for midwife training, here to give a cross-bred donkey, or here to donate a solar lantern.  Do you know a local mum’s group, NCT class, WI, Mother’s Union…. would they enjoy a coffee morning or fundraiser to support the women and children of Darfur?  Every penny goes a long way in Darfur.  Thank you for your support!