Walk for Water

 9 year old’s walk for water inspires children across the world to help.

“We won’t forget them” said Owen (6)

The sight of a small child struggling alone across the desert of Darfur in search of water inspired Patricia Parker MBE, to found Kids for Kids. It took the 9 year-old seven hours to reach a handpump, and then he had the long walk home. Patricia was determined to help, “You cannot stand by and see children struggling for every drop of water when you can help,” said Patricia.

Water is vital for life, and Kids for Kids is determined to provide water in every village of Darfur. The largest aquifer in Africa lies under Darfur, but tragically villagers cannot afford to dig for it. “The world has forgotten Darfur in the wake of other disasters, yet women and children are still being attacked when they venture away from their homes,” said Patricia. “A handpump transforms, and saves, many lives, and means that every boy and girl can go to school, because they no longer have to spend their lives walking for Water. We are asking people to organize their own Walk for Water to show they care. The international community may not be helping, but children across the world are showing they have not forgotten the children of Darfur!”

Children show what can be done!

Brooklyn, New York, USA
Owen, aged 6, inspired his school to help. Now in its fourth year, the International School of Brooklyn’s Annual Walk for Water shows children what it is like to walk, and walk, and walk, carrying every drop you need. This year ISB kids aged 3 – 13 raised over £7,500 to help provide handpumps in remote villages in Darfur. “I hope that I helped and I wish you will get your pump,” wrote one child. ” I really feel sad for you because you don’t have water,” wrote another. A third wrote, “I am sad that kids are dying. I know that your life is the most valuable thing in the world.”

Southbank International School, London, England
This inspirational school raised thousands of pounds with a Wheel-a-thon for Water. Children used all manner of wheeled vehicles, including wheelchairs, to complete as many laps as possible round a sports arena. One small severely disabled child said it was the first time in her life she had been able to help someone ” less fortunate than she was”.

Cheam School, Newbury, England
In 2013 children spent a week learning about water, how much they used, where it came from, the importance in every aspect of life. Their Walk for Water was to complete laps of 1, 2 and 3 kilometres around the beautiful grounds of the school, and raised an incredible £3,000 for Darfur as well as understanding their own use of water at the same time. In 2014 they raised another £3,000 when they Pedalled for Pumps!

Khartoum International School, KICS, Khartoum, Sudan
In the heat of Khartoum, year 7 – 10 boys and girls raised an incredible 30,447 SDG (£3,200) swimming over 100 kms! Teacher Amy said, “Students overcame fatigue and physical challenges and swam 3936 lengths to show their support of children their age in Darfur. Razanne deserves special recognition for her efforts. She completed 22 lengths of the pool despite only learning to swim a few months earlier!”

Ysgol Y Preseli School, Cardigan, Wales. UK
15 year old Joli inspired her school to Walk for Water after she made a presentation to the whole school about Kids for Kids and what it does to transform the lives of children, despite ongoing violence. “It is really special to know that we are making such a difference to others,” said Joli. The donation from Year 7 will repair two handpumps that have been broken for many months.

“Water close at hand is even more important today” said Patricia “violence is as bad now in Darfur as it was at the height of the conflict, but the world is choosing to ignore what is happening. We are begging help for the children of Darfur before it is too late. UNICEF warned that 80,000 children are severely malnourished in the villages of Darfur right now. We can help, and children the world over are showing how.”


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