Urgent Need: Starvation is a real risk this summer

Urgent Need: Starvation is a real risk for Children in Darfur this Summer.

Summer has barely started, yet temperatures in Darfur are soaring. Children and animals are likely to die if we do nothing. The whole of Darfur is now reported to be in crisis and in those areas where there is no humanitarian aid available, which includes the villages, the level of need is even higher.  This is an emergency.

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Famine Disaster Relief reported as long ago as October last year that areas of Darfur were in crisis even then. Failed harvest, for the second year running, has left people with virtually nothing to enable them to survive the coming months. Combined with soaring inflation and the drastic devaluation of the Sudanese pound to a third of its value, every village is asking for help. Starvation is a real and frightening spectre for the coming months. The Government of Sudan does not normally ask for help, but earlier the Governor of North Darfur called for urgent assistance. This is an indication of just how serious the situation is.

We cannot stand by and do nothing, so we have launched an appeal that will enable us to give help in this emergency. This will be in addition to providing sustainable help through our programme of integrated grass roots projects. Our long experience has shown that enabling people to help themselves, especially to help them diversify from sole reliance on the subsistence crop, with our goats, gives them the resilience to withstand disasters. But even in our villages people are worried. Those with no animals have little chance without help. But not one organisation has responded to the appeal for aid.

One of the problems is making sure families have enough stored food to keep their animals alive throughout the summer, until the rains come. When the harvest fails, the grass is also sparse and it is this which they save and turn into hay, plus crops such as watermelon. I have already asked for a report of which villages are likely to be hit the hardest. The list is long. We need to provide flour for the families and fodder for the animals right now.

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