Touching support within villages of Darfur

Eid is a special time in Darfur, especially when Ramadan has been as demanding as this year when temperatures soared.     At the end of the Holy Holiday we were touched to hear about a very special offer of  support that villagers have decided to make to ensure our projects are on course.

It is as hard for animals to survive in Darfur as it is for humans in the harsh conditions.    It is therefore essential to get veterinary care in place before our animals arrive.    But our goats and donkeys are needed urgently.  Any delay means children go hungry.    Each year there is a challenge to finish our Animal Husbandry training for the beneficiaries and our Childrens’ Shepherds’ Committee, and the Paravets training so that it doesn’t clash with the arrival of the rains and the planting season when everyone is needed in the fields.    Working the land in Darfur is concentrated on just a short period and is crucial because a successful crop means you can feed your family.

All our new villages this year have offered to help the volunteers, who are being trained as paravets, with their planting, so that the training will not have to be delayed, and their families will not suffer.  This year they will be back in their villages in time for us to buy the goats at the right time – when the grass is starting to grow and yet the price of animals has not soared. It means too that the goats will have settled into their new homes before they become pregnant and are likely to have an easier, less stressful pregnancy,  and successful births.    Everyone is watching anxiously for the rains.

It really shows how the whole community is behind our projects and determined to make them a success for the whole village.    “This is an example of real community involvement and shows why our projects are sustainable” said Patricia Parker MBE Founder.    “Life is incredibly hard in Darfur with even the simplest job – to light a fire to cook you walk miles to find firewood, to have a drink of water in the summer it could be a walk of 20 miles.   This offer to help another family means a great deal.    I am so impressed and encouraged.   I think this year’s villages may be the best ever!”