Kids for Kids visits The International School of Brooklyn!

This past week we gave a presentation to the Second Graders at The International School of Brooklyn in New York. ISB has supported Kids for Kids through their wildly successful Walk for Water for seven years transforming the lives of hundreds of children in Darfur. In fact in 2016 they raised enough money to buy an entire Handpump for Abu Digeise Village, an incredible achievement which will provide water for years to come.

The Second Graders, aged 7 and 8,  are in the middle of a Unit on Rights and Responsibilities, so talking about the work that Kids for Kids does, fits in perfectly. We spoke about the Human Right to Water, and how it is our responsibility to make sure children in a difference country have access to clean drinking water, just like we do. Water is the root of everything we do at Kids for Kids, and allows us to be able to implement our other projects. Kids for Kids builds Handpumps in our villages so that children do not have to walk for hours across the desert to get water. With this water in place, we have been able to build Kindergarten’s in our villages, and children have the time to go to school instead of walking to get water each day. Providing the human right of water has allowed us to provide the human right of education as well.

Second Grade teacher, Paulina, said of the presentation: “It was wonderful for you to take time to speak with the students and have an activity for them to help them realize differences (and privileges) of having water readily accessible vs. the children who live in Darfur who have less access to water. These are concrete examples of children’s rights and even with the UN Convention of the Child established, not all children’s rights are protected globally.”

We are so grateful to have been able to interact with such bright, engaged students, and hear how they view it as our responsibility to make sure children all over the world are able to have access to clean drinking water. Thank you to ISB for your continued support.

Below are some of the wonderful photographs that the children drew after the presentation, portraying what it looks like when they get water and what it looks like when a child in Darfur gets water.