Trees and Goats – Perfect Christmas Gifts!

Help us celebrate our 20th Birthday with gifts for your loved ones – that keep on giving!

You and I would not survive living in Darfur – in a hut made of straw, every drop of water miles away across the desert, and for many months of the year, one meagre meal a day often without protein, minerals or vitamins.  It is not surprising children are stunted and malnourished.

This year we want to help you give your loved ones gifts that make a real difference to the children of Darfur  – Goats and Trees!   Just one cup of Goat’s milk a day will transform a child’s health.  Trees provide shade, fruit and, most important of all, fight climate change.   One goat costs £50 – and in two year’s one of its offspring will go to another family in need – and so on, every two years.  Think of all those children drinking milk you have provided!

Please will you give the gift of hope this Christmas to children who have so little?  Kids for Kids provides sustainable help to families in remote villages.  The best gift this Christmas.

It costs just £15 to plant 10 tree seedlings in a community forest.   £45 plants 20 fruit trees outside straw huts in our villages.   £50 for one goat to provide life-saving milk to a malnourished child. And for the children – if you’re feeling extra generous….   £316 provides five nanny goats and a billy goat – A Whole Goat Loan!

Small donations create big change – please give a goat and plant a tree now!

Order our special Christmas Certificate when you checkout– personalised for your loved one!


Donate Another Item – Goats?  Donkeys?  Mosquito Nets?  Or maybe a Clean Water Handpump?   Anything can be donated on behalf of a loved one – and a Gift Certificate made for them too!

Surprise Present?   Why not give all your loved ones a ticket in our 100 Club Lottery – and a year long chance to win up to £500 each month?!