The worst year ever in Darfur?

During our recent Programme Meetings with our Darfur team we were shocked to learn of the extent of the failed harvest which means families, particularly those in out of sight villages, have nothing to eat until the next harvest – which is not due until the rains come in late summer. The result is famine. Yet the world has not responded to a call for aid. We must help. We are not an emergency aid organisation, but the thought of families struggling, and children, and their animals too, dying, is appalling. We are already sourcing flour and fodder, plus seed for families to plant for next year. Please can you help?  You can donate to our Urgent Need appeal here.

To see how we will be tackling what are some of the most challenging times that villages in Darfur have ever had to face since Kids for Kids started in 2001, please take a look at the following links. The links include information on the current situation and how we are planning to help. There is news of what has been happening at Kids for Kids over the last year, all the different ways that you can get involved now to give your support, and invitations to our Events.

Those of you who have joined us will know what treats are in store! This year they range from a Spring Supper and Wine Tasting, to our wonderful Ambassadors’ Ball and Candlelit Christmas Concert. I am opening my garden in Surrey to a Summer Caribbean Festival where we will also be holding our Friends Event when I have a chance to give you a full briefing on why Kids for Kids is so different from other charities, and so effective. You will be pleased to hear that our team in Darfur said that our Goat Loans are ‘The Gold Standard’.

We are determined to get help to as many families as possible, in time to avoid the worst ravages of starvation.  Your support was never more needed.  Thank you. Looking forward to seeing you.