Sudan is in Turmoil – Please Help

Over the past months, Sudan has been in turmoil, not just in the capital, but across the entire country. People have taken up the cry “We are Darfur” at last realising the tragedy of life in Darfur since the violence started in 2002.  Families in Darfur have faced violence and uncertainty for years.

In a time when people are creating fake instagram accounts pretending to raise funds to help get food to those in great need in Sudan, we want to assure you that there is something real you can do to help. To make an immediate and long-lasting difference to children’s lives during this time of uncertainty please support Kids for Kids, the only charity created specifically to help families in Darfur.  With the help of volunteers from the 92 communities we have adopted to date, we have been providing life saving and life transforming grassroots projects since 2001. Today we can say we have helped over 500,000 people in one of the most remote and inaccessible regions of the world – but there are thousands more in dire need.

We are glad to tell you all that during the internet outage that plagued the country until just recently, we have still had news coming in about all our projects from our Programme Manager, Salim, and our Project Leader, Hassan. The news has all come via texts – a very difficult and time consuming method – but incredibly important so we could stay up to date with all that was happening. Their hard work and dedication has kept us able to function and continue working despite the lack of internet. There is no electricity in villages,  but internet in El Fasher (backed up by a generator when the electricity fails – which is frequent) means we are normally in touch on a daily basis with our wonderful team.

Latest News:  The bi-annual goat rotation and review meetings in Hillat Minair Village, adopted in 2016 were held on Monday 15th July, in Um Keddada (2016) on Wednesday 17th July, and Aefin (2016) on Monday 22nd July. This means even more families now have goats, and that means milk for their children.  Their lives will be changed for good.


Did you know that children died from starvation in 2018 in Darfur?   The world did nothing. But now you can help. One of our key projects is a Goat Loan Programme.  Our Goats mean milk with urgently needed protein and nutrients for children who suffer malnutrition, and excess milk gives an income for women, who sell surplus goat’s milk and yogurt at market.  We are providing goats for the poorest 353 families across eight villages in urgent need – can you help?

A goat costs just £50, but anything, however small, will help us to make a difference in one of the most neglected regions of the world. Please donate now if you believe in the future of Sudan.

Please also share this page!  Small donations really do add up to make a huge difference. And please don’t forget to tag us.  We are on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.