Rebuilding Um Hagalig Village


We received the news on Tuesday April 28th that a destructive fire in Um Hagalig Village burned 150 huts to the ground, killed over 160 Goats and 16 Donkeys. One woman, named Maryam, was killed in the fire and hundreds of people have been left with nothing at all. Smaller fires this week have left 22 families in Majoub A village homeless, two families in Afein Village, and Three in Fardal – all who are in need of urgent help.

Kids for Kids will be providing Goats (£50), Donkeys (£65), Mattresses (£11), Blankets (£25), Mosquito Nets (£18), Cooking Utensils (£23) and Jerry Cans (£18) to families who have lost everything.  Please will you help?

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Urgent Need Project – To help families who have lost everything due to the fires in Um Hagalig, Afein, Majoub A, and Fardal villages.

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Urgent Need

One Mattress, Two Jerry Cans, Two Mosquito Nets, One Set of Cooking Utensils, One Double Blanket, A Goat, A Donkey, £100 General Donation, £200 General Donation