Worth School fundraise for Kids for Kids

Worth School get set for a marathon row

St Bede’s House, Worth Abbey, are rowing 1,000 miles for Kids for Kids!   Well, not literally but  they have organised a marathon rowing challenge to support Kids for Kids as their amazing feat!  Their plan is to row over 1,000 miles in just over a week.  By arranging for six rowing machines to be deployed in the house, each boy will be need to row over 20 miles to enable them to complete the challenge.  They are determined to raise as much as they can to make a real difference in Darfur.

Our Founder, Patricia Parker,  visited them to find out all about it, and remind them of the importance their fundraising means in Darfur.   This is not St Bede’s first challenge – they ‘climbed’ Mount Everest by going the same distance up and down the House stairs, and then ‘ran to Africa’ round the school grounds.   Not easy but they have raised over £5,520 ….. so  far.   This is an amazing achievement by one House.   We cannot thank Mike Mathews and the boys of St Bede’s enough.    They are an incredible, inspiring group of young people, determined to do something to make a real difference.

This challenge is quite an undertaking.  It will equate to over 180 hours of rowing time – they do like a challenge in St Bede’s!  Each boy will to try and raise at least £20 sponsorship for the big row, but they are aiming for more.  Can you help?  The more they know they can raise the easier the row will be.  This is a tough one and we are trying to give them every ounce of encouragement!    See their sponsorship page below:


Your support is hugely appreciated and we will keep you updated through photos and updates during the challenge.   Thank you Patrick Thomas for going to talk to them to tell them about your experiences rowing the Atlantic yourself.    On top of that Patrick took part in the Prudential 100 bike ride in 2016 for Kids for Kids.    Will talking to the whole of Worth Abbey be harder I wonder ……. Good luck Patricka and good luck all the boys of St Bede’s.