There’s no place like home…

It is hard to imagine being hungry every day of your life, but this is what it is like to be a child in Darfur.   The summer months are known as the ‘hungry months’.  This is when all surface water has dried up, men, women, children and animals are walking miles for every drop of water, and nothing is growing.    If you have not collected enough grass earlier in the year, your animals starve too.

Each year, fathers and the eldest sons leave home because they are another mouth to feed “If I stayed I would be eating what little there is instead of my poor children having it” said Abdullah who lives in one of the worst-hit villages.  They travel to cities, to camps and further across the world, joining the flow of migrants seeking ways to earn money to send home, facing sometimes dangerous journeys along the way.

The stability provided by Kids for Kids changes this and helping families to stay together.  Abdullah said, “Thanks to Kids for Kids I can now stay at home in the hungry months and help look after my children until the rains come and we can work the fields again.”

Our sustainable projects are helping over 374,000 people in 82 villages, but there are over 900 villages in Darfur.    Kids for Kids villages are swelling, and we need to support the extra people arriving and welcome them.  With your help, little by little, one family at a time, we are making a real difference.   Thank you.