The long awaited rains arrive!

At last the rain has come in Darfur, but it is not too soon for families in Hashab Barakat, one of the five villages we have adopted this year.  After two years of drought people are desperate.   This is the first time we have heard of so many families asking for help to buy a jerry can. They are vital for life in Darfur – jerry cans are the only way to carry water from the water supply to home–something we don’t even have to think about where we have clean water on tap. Without a container, water, a basic essential, cannot be carried and stored. It is worrying that families in 2017 do not even have enough money for jerry cans. Can we ask your help this month to provide 2,000 emergency jerry cans to villagers?  

Good news, following our last report in May, we are delighted to announce the opening of the first Kids for Kids mini water yard and submersive water pump in the village of Kulkul.  The pump has taken two years to complete and has the capacity to produce 1,000 gallons an hour – this will be life changing for the families living in Kulkul and the neighbouring villages.  Kulkul has suffered very much from a severe shortage of water.  Many families have been walking 20 miles to reach a handpump.  Now Kids for Kids has intervened to solve the problem to produce safe drinkable water for humans and animals.

In Hashab Baraka the 230 families living there are struggling to survive.       Neama is 22 and has four little children.  Last year they were only able to produce one sack of grain for food for the whole year.   In desperation Neama and her husband were going to leave the village, as their only hope, and go to the regional capital, El Fasher, to try for work.  “I cried every night” said Neama ” I did not want to leave my home, or my mother, but what could I do?”   Luckily Kids for Kids announced it had chosen Hashab Baraka for all our integrated projects this year.    Now Neama is staying at home and has real hope for the future. She said “You make the rural areas more attractive by many projects,  livelihoods, health, water, education and women’s development, and that indicate the goats loan project is best program for stability in rural areas.  I am so happy to stay at home.”

With your help, we can continue to help these families that the rest of the world has forgotten.  If you think you would like to help more, please consider making your donation a regular donation for the next two years so that we can make sure no child in a Kids for Kids village succumbs to cholera by providing more safe water supplies.