South Sudan Refugees flee famine – we must help

People often donate ‘To the Greatest Need’.  At the moment, there is no doubt what this need is – it is caring for the families who have travelled into Darfur from South Sudan, to escape famine.

People will not stand by and let children starve, but families in our villages are already under duress.  They are struggling too.   Drought last year left them with little for their own families and once again the harvest in many areas is far less than they need.    We need your help urgently please.

More hungry families are arriving daily in already poverty-stricken villages in Darfur.  Our experience of providing sustainable projects, working efficiently and effectively to fight hunger and to bring clean water and health care, can be expanded quickly to respond to this growing disaster.   We need basic essentials for those who are arriving – more blankets, mosquito nets, jerry cans for clean water, medicines, goats to provide milk, farm tools, cooking utensils – and we need to help their hosts too.    Our families will not stand by and let children starve, but we cannot stand by and see all we have done to build up villages disappear.

If you can help, please do so by donating to the greatest need, or purchasing these items.  Thank you for your help.