Inspired wedding gifts save lives in Darfur

Congratulations Katie and Leon!  We are delighted to wish this amazing couple every happiness as they prepare for their Wedding Day.  What a brilliant idea – they have added items from our website to their Wedding List!  Congratulations to you both and thank you for saving children’s lives in Darfur.  


What Katie and Leon have said to their wedding guests:  

Kids for Kids is an AMAZING charity close to our hearts as Katie’s great aunt Hazel has heavy involvement with them. They help children in Darfur that live lives of inexcusable and unimaginable hardship. By donating money you are enabling families to stay together, in their own homes. Kids for Kids adopts whole villages, lifting them out of abject poverty. You can read more of what they do here: http://www.kid​s​​​​​

Feeling inspired?  Create your own wishlist!  

Visit Amazon or any other gift registry site to create your list, and simply add links to gifts available form our website.

A few examples:

Give a Goat and save a child

Make a donation for the greatest need

Donate a Donkey to carry water for a family

Gift Certificates:  

If you are donating for this or any other special occasion and would like us to send a Gift Certificate as a reminder of your gift, please use the form on our paper Gift List, email us or add to the ‘order notes’ at checkout online, and we will be delighted to help!  We will need your donation reference, the special occasion (wedding, christening, birthday…), your name as you wish it to appear, the recipient name as you wish it to appear, and of course details of where you would like the certificate to be sent.

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