Families in Darfur need help to give their children a home

Families in Darfur need help to give their children a home

“I am immensely proud of the projects we support in the villages of Darfur because, unlike anything else I have seen, everything we provide is sustainable – lifting individual families, and whole communities, out of poverty and setting them on the path of a better future. But now we face a new challenge. This year even more families have lost their homes and all they possess. Nearly 1,000 families have settled in our Kids for Kids villages, and now they need help too.” Patricia Parker MBE, Founder Kids for Kids

Although our visionary leaders in the Kids for Kids villages have welcomed new families in, and encouraged the community to help them, building their huts and providing land to grow food, these new families have come with virtually no possessions. To provide the basic essentials, including jerry cans, cooking utensils and pots, blankets and mosquito nets etc will cost about £70 per family, depending on how many children they have. To make life sustainable, each family will also need a little donkey to carry water and of course a Kids for Kids Goat Loan, so that the children have milk and its essential protein and minerals. (And remember – after 2 years the family will pass on 6 little goats to another family)

We desperately want to help people to help themselves, and set up a new home where their children can thrive. Please will you support this initiative? The need is urgent, so please do what you can, and do please pass on this plea for help to anyone you know who might be able to support us. Thank you.

Every penny goes a long way in Darfur – click on the links below to donate today.  

a little goat to provide nutricious milk for children

a little donkey to carry water and firewood

6 little goats for a family

immediate basic essentials for a family arriving with nothing

a double blanket to keep children warm

2 mosquito nets to protect children from Malaria

help a family to make a home in a village

training to look after the animals

tree seedlings to plant for a sustainable future

a donkey plough for the community so they can grow more food

Thank you for your support