They can’t wait to start school!

Kids for Kids has been working on building five new kindergartens this year and it is going well!

In Darfur it takes time to ensure that everything is in place before we can start.    The commitment to build a kindergarten in a village is based on how well the village is delivering the other Kids for Kids programmes. Patricia Parker, our CEO explains, “First, we must choose the village – this is a difficult choice because the need is everywhere, but we look to our well established and successful villages who have achieved at least 90% with their goat rotations to another family, and are monitoring their tree forests carefully.  If the committees are good then we know there will be good PTAs”

Kindro is one such village.  The VDC leader in this village is Adam and he gave us an update on their kindergarten project.

He said, “We are currently getting the building materials for the school, some communities are able to make their own bricks, which takes time but saves money. We have tried but the sand in the earth and the limited access to water makes our bricks too soft and so we have to buy the bricks.”  Adam has been incredibly committed to the school committee from the beginning.  Patricia says, “Support from people like Adam is vital to the project management of the build.  We know this is a successful approach and through it, we are able to create sustainable change.  The problem is, there are 87 Kids for Kids villages so far, but these five kindergartens will take the total to just nine Kindergartens. We need more.   This is why your help to secure the next Kindergarten is so important.”






Although we are now nearing the completion of all five new Kindergartens, which is incredibly exciting, there is still work to do!

1.  Carts to help transport children to school.

2.  Water carts  to transport water to the kindergarten for kids to drink, and irrigate the trees at the Kindergarten in the playground

3. Recruitment of volunteers teachers and guard and office cleaner.

4. Create a PTA.  Under Adam’s leadership we are optimistic that like at our first school at Abu Nahla, the new PTA will make sure all the children enroll.  At Abu Nahla families clubbed together to provide bursaries so even the poorest children and orphans could go.    From Beneficiaries to Benefactors!

Why are kindergartens so important? It is as Mary Clark, UN Poverty Alleviation Consultant, says, “The absence of education for young children means that they lack essential stimulation during the crucial formative years of their lives. Opportunities are lost which can never be regained, and which diminish the development potential of the children forever.” 98% of women in the villages of Darfur are illiterate, yet they know that education is the best way out of poverty. Through education we can transform lives and improve lives for everyone.  Thank you for helping make their dream a reality.