New Water Yard opens

We are beyond delighted to announce that we recently completed construction of our Water Yard at the village of Kulkul!

This Water Yard is providing clean water for over 5,000 people who were previously walking up to 7 hours each day just to reach water – but not fresh and clean drinking water. People in Kulkul and the surrounding villages were taking water from unprotected ponds and wells, water that was not clean, and that animals also used. The dam, about 10km away, broke down and there was a real water shortage in Kulkul. “Can you imagine walking even a mile for every drop of water?” said Patricia Parker, our founder. “You have to remember too, that in Darfur temperatures soar in the summer to over 50 degrees. How is it that no other organisation is funding the drilling for water? I simply do not understand it.”

The Water Yard has a submersible pump, meaning that people will drink, wash and cook with clean water that is not a risk of infection. The Water Committee in the village has been trained how to run the generator so that any breakdown can be repaired, and the pump does not sit idle.

This is Naima with her son, Gamar, visiting the water yard at Kulkul. Naima has 8 children- 3 boys and 5 girls, with 4 of her children under the age of 5. Before the Kulkul Water Yard, Naima and her family were walking to the dam 10km away from their village to get unclean water to drink and bathe with. With this new submersible pump in the village, Naima says her family is much healthier, as they have pure and safe drinking water.

We are grateful to our supporters for helping us to in build this incredible Water Yard. Sadly there are many more villages where everyone living in them is forced to walk miles for water. Please help us to improve both the quantity and quality of rural water supplies in Darfur. We have set up a Water Fund so that we have money available as soon as the drill is in North Darfur. We don’t want to delay if there is a chance to change children’s lives so dramatically.