New Trees Planted at our Kindergarten in Um Ga’al!


Such wonderful news from our very first village Um Ga’al, where baby trees have been planted at the new Kindergarten! You’ll remember Ibrahim, the 9 year old boy Patricia met in the desert of Darfur over 16 years ago walking hours to get drinking water for his family. Well now his village has a Kindergarten and beautiful new trees planted just as the rains are starting. Thank you so much to everyone who has made all this possible.

Last year in Um Ga’al there were floods, which washed everything away, and showed us just how harshly climate change is affecting this region of the world. Darfur is experiencing drastically changing conditions, with desert creep a prime example as the Sahara spreads south. It is so important that we are paying attention to the realities and doing all we can to help those living at the forefront of global warming. Planting these trees will be instrumental in holding back the desert, and of course providing shade to the children at Kindergarten!

We are so hoping we can build another Kindergarten this year in another one of our Kids for Kids villages. Please can help us achieve this? Children everywhere deserve an education. You can adopt a whole Kindergarten and have it named after you but no donation is too small. Something you might be interested in is becoming a Children’s Champion and choosing Education as your special project. We are inviting you to commit to a three year’s guaranteed support which means we can plan ahead. Childrens Champions Leaflet 2017 FINAL (002)