Meet The Team

Come and meet the great team of people working behind the scenes to make the most of all the opportunities we get to help the children of Darfur.

The Trustees of Kids for Kids are responsible for the financial probity of the charity.    The Board is the final decision-making body to whom the CEO, Patricia Parker, reports. The Charity Commission gave special permission for her to carry out this role because of her expertise both in running and managing the projects in Darfur, and because of her ability to carry out all the essential administrative roles outside Sudan, plus awareness raising and all our fundraising activities.

Patricia Parker OBE – Chairman
Patricia was awarded the OBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List 2021, for her outstanding contribution as a volunteer for Marie Curie Cancer Care, and other charities. In 2001 she founded Kids for Kids following a trip to Darfur, when she saw first hand the hardship children there were having to endure.

“Kids for Kids is the most important thing I have done in my life. I have always supported charities as I believe passionately that we should all try to do something about the injustices of the world.  What we are doing at Kids for Kids is to save the lives of children every single day – it is a humbling feeling.”


Dante Campailla
Dante was the senior partner of a London firm of solicitors and set up the Kids for Kids charity, of which he is one of the Founder Trustees.
He is married, with one son and is currently working as a part time non practicing consultant solicitor.  Dante’s hobbies are gastronomy, wine, classical music, opera and jazz.  He also enjoys playing jazz piano, socialising, reading, travelling and swimming.


Nadia Giske
Nadia is a development professional with over 15 years’ experience mainly with international organisations of UN, European Commission in field postings and at headquarters. Nadia offers extensive knowledge and experience of Sudan where she worked for over 6 years, including as a UN Humanitarian Affairs Officer in Darfur.  She is skilled in multi-stakeholder aid coordination, policy development and partnership mobilisation to deliver strategic outcomes in complex environments across the humanitarian-development nexus.


Alastair King-Smith
Alastair is a diplomat at the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office and has spent much of his career working in conflict zones across the Middle East, Africa and South Asia. His most recent overseas posting was as acting Deputy High Commissioner to Nairobi. He served at the British Embassy in Khartoum from 1999 to 2003 and arranged the trip to Darfur with his mother Patricia that led to them setting up Kids for Kids. He has been a Trustee since leaving Sudan. Alastair serves as an advisor and Trustee for a number of charities. He enjoys exploring different cultures, bringing diverse people together and helping them to escape the trap of poverty and fulfill their potential.

Liz Sutton

Together with her husband, Roger, Liz founded Delamere Dairy Limited in 1985. Today the company produces and trades speciality dairy and non-dairy beverages in the UK and around the world. Liz is a past Chairman of the Provisions Trade Federation – trade lobbyists representing dairy and meat industry sectors. She is a Charity Trustee and holds a number of business Directorships. She has spent a lifetime volunteering and is a Fellow of the RSA.

Liz discovered Kids for Kids through a mutual association with the humble goat and is a long-standing admirer of the charity’s prime focus on sustainable development.

Patrick Doyle

Kids for Kids is happy to report the return of one of our previous Trustees Patrick Doyle. Not only was Patrick a key member of our Board but it was he who was the inspiration and leading light for our annual Ambassadors’ Ball which has been so enormously important in raising the profile of Kids for Kids and introducing wonderful new friends to the charity.  Patrick brings a wealth of experience, not least in advising on best business practice. Behind the scenes, at any charity, there are essential regulations and administrative systems without which no charity could be run effectively.

Consultants and Assistants
Kids for Kids has a number of part-time Consultants and assistants.  Patricia Parker is CEO and handles the day to day running of Kids for Kids. She is assisted by Sarah Brownwood and Charlotte Allum. David Self is in charge of our bookkeeping.   “I am very proud that David helps to ensure that we are able to account for every single penny raised, and every penny spent, whether it is in Darfur – where we make sure that everything possible is done to maximise the benefits for children – or in the UK where we make certain not to waste anything.” says Patricia. “I question every penny spent and make sure we always get competitive quotations.  This is true for all our projects in Darfur as well as for everything we need to run the office from printing to our office hardware.” Additionally, volunteers play a key part in fundraising including everything from helping to manage Events, to looking after our collecting tins.