Annual Report

The latest Annual Accounts 2014 – 2015  have been approved by the Trustees and have been fully audited by Frith & Co in accordance with our policy of commissioning a full audit, although we are not legally required to do so, to ensure maximum transparency.

The Accounts are available on line, together with the full Chairman’s Report. If you would like a hardcopy please send an A4 SAE, large stamp, to: Patricia Parker MBE, Chairman, Kids for Kids P O Box 456 Dorking RH4 2WS



Darfur continues to be one of the most challenging regions of the world in which to implement projects, but in the light of the increasing needs of children there we are more determined than ever to expand our projects.  However we are also determined not to put our team at risk in the light of increased violence.    In the first three months of 2015, 40,000 people fled their homes, and violence has continued unabated throughout the year.   Despite this, we are proud to say our projects have continued uninterrupted.   Many of those families who fled violence have taken refuge in our villages, evidence that they knew Kids for Kids’ villagers would be in a better position to help them.   Although I am still unable to get a visa to visit Sudan, Trustees have had successful Programme Meetings during the year.    The short list of villages had grown from 18 in 2014 to 38 this year.   Last year we adopted five new villages to which to introduce our whole package of projects, but in the light of increased need – reports of more children dying from malnutrition and malaria – the Trustees agreed to adopt eight new villages this year, whilst continuing our support of existing Kids for Kids’ villages.
  • Our Goat Loan Project continues to be vital in helping children to survive. This is becoming even more critical as starvation hits the villages, where outside help is minimal.
  • The Kids for Kids programme team in Darfur, working through the locally registered volunteer Kids for Kids Steering Committee, under the Chairmanship of Adam Sebil is continuing to support and train local communities to run the projects.
  • Water – we continue to fund new handpumps and to repair others that have failed. We are funding the training of Water Committees who are also trained in the construction of latrines. There are virtually none in any village and our belief is that sanitation and hygiene are key factors in children’s health
  • Our first Kids for Kids Kindergarten was completed in Abu Nahla in 2013. The oldest children are now moving onto ‘big school’ this year.   Three more kindergartens will be completed during the year.  Key to success is the partnership we have created with the State Ministry of Education and the communities.
  • Pilot Projects to provide seed for planting, fodder crops and supplementary feed for the ‘hungry’ months for the animals have proved successful in alleviating starvation.   We plan to extend these, subject to the level of donations we can secure during the year.
  • The new Animal Welfare Project to provide next year’s new beneficiaries with preventive medicines for their goats and donkeys, including worming and parasite control, has started.
  • The Kids for Kids’ Project Implementation Manual which captures the lessons of our innovative approach to projects and details the communities participation in ensuring their success, was again revised and translated into Arabic. This is the working Manual for all the Kids for Kids’ communities.
  • The continued use of volunteers and sponsorship enables administrative costs to remain low. Our Volunteer Coordinator in San Francisco is encouraging support in America.
  • Trustees have continued making contingency plans which include a full year’s reserves policy, plus potential cover in emergency.  Communities increasingly rely on Kids for Kids. The Trustees are determined to maintain projects but also to be careful not to over commit to avoid the sort of disaster that has overtaken other charities.
  • We are inviting supporters to consider Kids for Kids for a legacy.  Our first legacy has enabled us to support an entire community. We have information for anyone interested in providing a living memorial for themselves or for a loved one.
  • In the light of increasing, and troubling, needs in Darfur, plans are in place to expand our project work even further as funds allow.

New projects plans 

To adopt eight new villages during the year.
To build three more kindergartens in existing Kids for Kids villages, following the success of our first kindergarten, constructed in 2013
To train village midwives – a key priority with funds required to provide 40 new midwives
To train first aid workers and provide veterinary care in all our villages
To maintain contact with existing villages and to monitor and assist with Rotations
To supervise democratic election of volunteers and beneficiaries and help with Annual Review Meetings in all villages
To provide 5 new Health Centres and 5 new Veterinary Centres to those villages who have been the most successful in running the projects
To create the first Lending Libraries in Darfur, in our Kindergarten with books suitable for both boys and girls
To support villages which have taken care of families who have been forced to flee their homes during increased violence including replacing seeds which had been saved for next year’s crops
To survey needs in existing Kids for Kids villages which have accepted incoming IDP families from the camps and provide funding to support them

Long term planning continues to be to provide a women’s literacy programme, and education centres in all our villages.  We believe in empowering women so they can help their own families.

If you would be interested in volunteering to help Kids for Kids one way is to join our Committees, or to create your own group, however small. please email for further details. It is fun. You will meet like minded people, and you will help us to make a difference!