What we did with your donations last year!

“We believe that you should know how we are helping, the difficulties we face, and what we have achieved, with your support,” said Patricia Parker MBE Founder and CEO of Kids for Kids.

At the beginning of every calendar year we publish a complete list of the projects we carried out in Darfur during the previous 12 months. This allows our supporters to see what their donations have made possible in our 92 villages.

In 2018 we faced a challenge, as drought led to famine, and inflation soared.  The year became one of the worst we have known since Kids for Kids started in 2001. “But the great news,” said Patricia Parker MBE, Founder and CEO, “is that we have managed to do all we had planned during the year.”  Along with providing our sustainable projects to five new communities – 5,800 men, women and children, plus supporting the 87 villages we have already adopted – we were able to provide over 6,000 families with emergency aid as they faced the prospect of starvation. Thank you all, so much, for making this possible.

For details of what we did this year please read Our 2018 Achievements. This document also details our plans for 2019, which includes adopting five new villages.  More will be added after the Programme Meetings being held by Patricia next month, with our Darfur team.    These are crucial meetings which each year result in major decisions being made all of which affect people’s lives.   “It is a huge responsibility” said Patricia “These meetings help to identify the problems, some of them life threatening, which villagers face.   This year I have the heartbreaking task of narrowing the selection down to just five villages for us to adopt, knowing that in every village children dies last year from malnutrition.   If only we could help them all.”

We only promise help if we can be sure we have the funds needed.  If you can support us by commiting to give a set amount you will allow us to plan ahead.  The support from Children’s Champions and Regular Supporters is vital to our work.

Please continue your incredible support in 2019, and encourage others to get involved!

Feel free to Contact Us with any questions or to express interest in supporting Kids for Kids in some way. We would love to hear from you!