Thurya’s Story from Geleidat Village

We would like to introduce you to Thurya who lives in Geleidat, one of the five villages we adopted last year. Thurya is a widow bringing up five children all by herself. She was chosen to be one of the first beneficiaries in the village because of her level of poverty, and received five nanny goats and a donkey. We provided blankets for her children to prevent them getting chest infections which kill children who are weak from malnutrition.  We gave her two mosquito nets to prevent malaria and farm tools so she could farm more land.  On the 16th of January our project managers visited Geleidat and were able to tell us just how Thurya’s life is already changing because of the animals. The donkey is essential for fetching water from the nearest water yard, 7km away. We have not been able to dig a handpump in Geleidat despite many attempts. Before she had her donkey, Thurya and her family had to carry every drop of water without help – 14 kms every day. The goats are providing milk for her five children and her elderly mother – the nutrients are already making them all healthier. And now she is selling yoghourt to other mothers too! Without the protein provided by goat’s milk, children are at risk with weaker bones, nails and teeth. Even brain cells are damaged.

However, Thurya still faces problems.  Thurya, like many mothers, works every minute of daylight. There is no electricity in her little village of straw huts, and there was no health care until we trained two first aid workers and two village midwives. We even provide basic drugs, especially for malaria, but before then there was nothing and no one is able to save to pay for even such basic essentials as that. It is getting hotter by the day in Darfur, and soon it will be the hottest months of the year.  We have received news that the harvest in many villages has failed, including at Geleidat. Thurya was able to collect some millet but she does not believe it will last her until the rainy months. Famine Disaster Relief has already warned that many villages in Darfur are in ‘crisis’ because of the failed harvest but not a single aid agency has responded. This is worrying beyond words. Kids for Kids is not an emergency aid organisation but we have to be ready to provide food for people and animals that have had their crops fail. We must also ensure there is enough fodder to feed our goats and donkeys through these hard months.

We must think ahead. There are often situations due to global warming and therefore beyond our control that we must be prepared for, like the failed harvest and subsequent famine risk. Back in September there was extreme flooding in Darfur and the goats of 13 of our beneficiaries drowned. Of course, we have replaced those goats, because our goat loans must be sustainable. Thankfully this is an expense that we were able to cover but it means we must raise more to bring goats to the new villages we will adopting this year. It just shows how important it is to be prepared with the finances to cover such catastrophes, and how needed your donations are to help in covering those costs.

We are so eager to help as many villages as possible this year, especially with the devaluation of the Sudanese Pound last month, making families in Darfur even poorer than ever. Now is the best time to make a donation, because we must know how much we can do this year. We must help more families like Thurya’s.

We would be grateful if you could pass Thurya’s story along to your friends and family –  they might be interested in supporting our work, just like you do! Thank you.