The Real Egg Project – the most exciting project this Spring!

This year is one of the toughest year’s we have known in Darfur.  Inflation is over 40%, basic essentials are in short supply.    The very young and the very old are the most vulnerable.

When you get old in Darfur life becomes almost impossible – an endless struggle for even the simplest things.   If you have no family to look after you, your life of hardship is unimaginable.   We are aiming to give as many eggs as possible to the frail elderly in Darfur.  Eggs are full of protein and even just one a day will help an elderly person to stay healthy.   You will have a beautiful Certificate, and we will provide three chickens and a cockerel to those in need in remote villages in Darfur. Can you imagine a better, more life changing, present?

For £15 you will be enabling the frail eldery to have eggs regularly.   Old people in Darfur are not able to look after goats properly as they need to be looked after whilst they graze.   We do of course need goats too, so children will have their milk, essential for their health, but we cannot forget their grandparents.    Life is so hard in Darfur.

Please click here to go straight to our shop to make your donation. If you would like to receive a Gift Certificate (in your name or in someone else’s) please send us all the details and we will post or email the Certificate for  you.   Either fill in the Notes area in the order section, or email separately quoting your order number please.