St Swithun’s School Raises £3,000

On Monday 30th September Patricia Parker MBE, Founder and CEO of Kids for Kids, visited St Swithun’s School in Winchester to explain to the students and staff at assembly about what we have been able to do in Darfur, Sudan with their invaluable support last academic year. In September 2018, St Swithun’s School adopted Kids for Kids as their international charity of the year and raised over £3,000 which they are putting towards our key project – Goat Loans!  We are proud that we enable our supporters to choose exactly which project they would like to support.

Goats are a wonderful choice as they are the best microfinance investment!  Goat’s milk is the closest thing to a mother’s milk and provides essential protein and nutrients for children in Darfur who are malnourished.  Just one cup a day changes a child’s life. Women can sell surplus goat’s milk at market and earn the first income they will have ever received. We are so grateful to St Swithun’s for recognising the importance of our work, and making an amazing effort to help the forgotten children of Darfur this year.

Patricia met Paul Wallington, Head Teacher Ms Jane Gandee, and Head Girl Maria Solovyeva – a team of people that has been instrumental in fundraising for Kids for Kids this year. Patricia was delighted to present Certificates to Alice Calder and Emma Paterson whose personal effort raised £1,293.75.  “Emma and Alice showed that every one of us can have an impact on someone’s life” said Patricia. These two young girls were so moved by the mission of Kids for Kids that they decided to support the charity by taking part in the New Forest Half Marathon!   The girls have chosen to fund the repair of a handpump in Darfur and to build a Latrine. Please read more about their amazing achievement here.

“It was very special to be able to congratulate Alice and Emma” said Patricia “and I am more delighted than I can say that they are determined to support Kids for Kids next year.”

We are looking forward to visiting St Swithun’s School in the future, and have our fingers crossed that they will adopt us as their charity for 2020-21.  In March 2021 Kids for Kids will celebrate its’ 20th Birthday and we would just love for St Swithun’s to be a part of that!  “St Swithun’s is such a special school giving the girls everything needed to contribute to the future of us all.    This is why it has been so special to see their enthusiasm and understanding of Kids for Kids.   Each one of them by supporting our microfinance goat loans has changed children’s lives long term.   What an achievement!”

Students from St Swithun’s will be joining us as ushers for this year’s Candlelit Christmas Concert. See you all there!