Job Vacancy

Do you want to make a real difference in children’s lives?    The children of Darfur are born into a life of unimaginable deprivation and hardship.    We have shown that our simple grassroots projects transform children’s lives.   Would you like to join us?  Our Founder/CEO needs a Personal Assistant to help reduce her work load.  Can you help?   Please do get in touch    Admin Fundraiser – final MAY 2017 

Volunteer?   We need help with research and awareness and fundraising.   All ideas welcome. We don’t advertise, so anything you can do to raise awareness of the desperate need of the children in Darfur will make a difference.

Like to join our London or Surrey groups, or make your own?    Make new friends, have fun – and help the forgotten children of Darfur, all at the same time!

Please do contact us.  We would love to discuss your ideas.

In the UK please

In the States please get in touch with our volunteer Mary Jane