Bristol’s Clifton College raises over £2000!

Earlier this year we were delighted to receive the news that the alma mater of Alan Jenkins, Kids for Kids Trustee, was to support our life-saving work in 2019!  Clifton College, established in 1862 in Bristol, has a wonderful charity committee who research and vote for charities they want to support each term – and chose Kids for Kids this past term!

Students came up with some brilliant fundraising ideas and ended up holding many events for Kids for Kids! These included Valentines Day chocolate sales, ice-cream sales, a second-hand uniform pop-up shop, and a home-clothes day!  How imaginative and brilliant fun does that all sound?! All these activities together have raised a huge total of £2112.29, which will go straight to our projects in Darfur!

Patricia Parker, Kids for Kids Founder, says “People are really struggling in Darfur right now.  Inflation continues to be over 40%, people cannot afford the most basic of essentials, bread and medicines, and even these are in short supply across the whole country.  The big aid agencies have not been in Darfur for years so there is little hope of help for anyone living in remote villages, beyond the camps, however desperate their need. This is why the support of Clifton College makes a huge difference to us.”

Patricia hopes to visit Clifton College in the Autumn to speak with the students, letting them know exactly what the funds they raised have been able to do for children in Darfur, Sudan. It is beyond important that all our supporters can see the real impact their hard work is having.

Thank you, Clifton College! 


If your school is interested in supporting Kids for Kids, please get in touch!   We would love to hear from you.