There could be no more spectacular way to make a real lasting impact than giving a goat to a child in Darfur. Giving a goat (or donkey!) to a family in Darfur saves lives. But it is better than that!   We will send a personalised Gift Certificate for you.    We need 994 goats for the children in the Kids for Kids’ villages so that they will no longer go hungry.   Goat’s milk is full of protein, minerals and vitamins and for a child whose mother cannot afford protein in any form, this is a life changer.

Donate a goat and know that a child will have a cup of goat’s milk each day – and you will save her from starvation.     Lack of protein leads to damaged bones, teeth, nails and even a child’s brain cells – yet one cup of goat’s milk every day will prevent that.   Please help.

If you would like us to create a Certificate specially for you, once you have have donated online, please send us the donation number and the details of the wording you would like – your name, and the name of the recipient, and tell us if you would like us to email or post it for you, or to send it to you for you to give yourself.  Please email us.  We will enclose a newsletter explaining how miraculous and life changing a goat is and how special their present is too.    If you would like to add something else do look at our Gift List, for other life changing gifts.