Get ahead this Christmas and buy Gifts that keep on Giving!

The dilemma every year – what do you get someone that has everything?  This Christmas buy your loved ones the ultimate Christmas present they have always wanted – goats, mosquito nets and sacks of seeds – and they will save a child’s life.

Out of sight of the world, children in Darfur, Sudan are living lives of inexcusable and unimaginable hardship, especially since April when fighting broke out which has turned into genocide in Darfur. The UN describes the situation in Darfur as the ‘worst, most cruel humanitarian catastrophe in the world today’.

Make this year memorable and give a gift to a child this Christmas.    You will receive a beautiful Christmas Certificate, which can be presented knowing that is the best gift you have ever given to someone you love.


A Local boy with a GoatWhy a Goat? – because it’s milk will save a little 5-year-old from starving. Protein-rich Goats Milk provides children with the nutrients they need to survive. Giving families a little Goat will give them the means to survive.  

Who doesn’t love a goat …! 

Donate Today: A Goat costs £50




Why a mosquito net?   Hundreds have died from dengue fever or malaria in recent months.  Children have been particularly susceptible. Malaria is still the biggest killer in Africa. A mosquito net protects against mosquito-borne disease.   Ours are big and cover four children.

What a terrific gift!

Donate Today: 2 mosquito nets cost £18


A sack of seedWhy a sack of seed? Food is scarce and inflation has risen by 500%. What little food there is, no one can afford. A sack of seed gives family hope, a simple meal that will sustain them, so children don’t go to bed hungry.

What will you eat this Christmas?  

Donate Today: A sack of seed costs £15

Our brave volunteers are willing to risk their own lives to get families the urgent assistance they need.



Donate here: just choose your gifts and let us know who you want the certificate to be made out to. 

In America? Donate via Global Giving or email

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