Farleigh School Cakes go for Goats!

We are delighted to share with you a brilliant fundraiser held on Friday June 14th at Farleigh School in Andover, Hampshire. A cake sale held by the Girls in Year 6 has raised a fantastic £390!

In November, Patricia Parker MBE, Kids for Kids Founder and CEO, was invited by Deputy Head Mike Matthews to visit the School. “It was such a heartwarming visit,” Patricia recalls. “Children in the scholarship class had such thoughtful questions.”

The Kids for Kids team is thrilled by the huge amount raised from a cake sale. “It just goes to show how successful something enjoyed so much at school can make an amazing difference to children so incredibly far away. Students at Farleigh worked really hard to make all the super treats, and now they are choosing exactly what they feel will have the biggest sustainable impact on children their own age in Darfur. Thank you all, so much.”

Year 6 Girls have decided where they would like the funds to be spent in Darfur and have chosen to purchase with their earnings: One Donkey, One Goat, 100 Vaccinations, 20 Fruit Trees, Two Jerry Cans, Two Mosquito Nets, Three Laying Hens and a Rooster, and Training to take care of the Animals. Patricia told the girls, “Your decisions about what to put the money towards are all really thoughtful and things people cannot possibly afford to buy – and all of our projects succeed of course because of training.  It is so rewarding to see that you really understand what we are doing.”

Mrs Dianne Rawlings, Farleigh Librarian, says, “We think that the cake sale will be the beginning of our fund raising.”  Most welcome words!!  Have a really well earned summer holiday, all at Farleigh School – what a high at the end of a successful school year.



If you know a school that would like to support Kids for Kids, please get in touch! We would so love to hear from you.