Donkeys For Our New Villages!

We have adopted our five new villages and our beneficiaries have been chosen! It has been an exciting summer. Absharback, Fardal, Geleidat, Um Jadoul, and Hashab Baraka have been adopted and we have held our Inception Meetings with each community to ensure that they understand the importance of democratically electing not just those who will run our projects, but also the beneficiary families. These are the poorest in the community and we now have all the details of the first 15% of the total families in the village who will become our first beneficiaries. It has been shocking learning how little these families have to live on. It is worse this year than ever before.

Our wonderful Project Officer Hassan in Darfur has put together the table below which outlines the way in which we determine how many donkeys we need for each benefitting family in the village. You can see that 15% of the households will be receiving a Donkey! Can you imagine what this means to a family whose total income for the year is less than £80.

Target 5 villages 2017
# Village name population children hh 15% Total Donkeys
1 Absharback 1375 700 215 32 32
2 Fardal 1559 841 265 39 39
3 Geleidat 999 587 171 26 26
4 Hashab Baraka 1631 874 233 35 35
5 Um Judoul 1114 616 186 28 28
  Total 6678 3618 1070 160 160

We will be buying these donkeys in the markets as close to the villages as possible, and along with the donkeys, Kids for Kids will be providing vaccinations, branding, and a shepherd who will be bringing the donkeys to the villages, giving them food and water on the way. Each Donkey costs £60 and with the additional necessities listed, our total spend needed for these 160 Donkeys will be just over £5,000. Here is where we need your help! Donkeys are so important to families in Darfur because they are the only form of transport, carrying water, firewood, and people. We want to get them to our families as soon as possible.

Can you support us provide these 160 families with a donkey each? Every penny helps us get closer to our goal, there is no amount too small.