Christmas Tree Sale in Dorking

Jill Attfield is once again selling Christmas Trees at her lovely B&B, Chart House in Dorking. And guess what? 10% donation from the sales will go to Kids for Kids.

If you haven’t picked up your Christmas Tree yet, make sure you head over to get yours now! What better than to help children in Darfur simply by purchasing your Christmas Tree? “My tree always comes from Jill. They are non drop – which is a great help with grandchildren around” says Patricia Parker MBE Founder of Kids for Kids. “I admit I own an artificial tree but it just cannot be compared with Jill’s!”

The Christmas tree sales are huge success and people are thrilled to support Kids for Kids. Jill says: “People give donations too. There was a man who bought a tree for £25 the other day and when I went to give him change for £30 he said to put it in the charity box.  People have said they come back because they like the idea that we are supporting a charity- and such a good one too!”

We are so grateful to Jill for supporting Kids for Kids this Christmas. Donations are needed more than ever as inflation increases in Darfur and crops are failing. So head on over to Chart House to collect your own Tree, and help children in the process.