Beavers’ Water Relay Challenge

Children from the 24th Cheltenham Beaver Scouts found out just how hard it can be to carry water long distances, when they held a Water Relay Challenge in aid of Kids for Kids last month.

As part of their ‘My World Challenge’ badges, the Beavers had learnt about Darfur and the impoverished conditions in which so many of the children there live, including the long daily walk that they must make to fetch water. Once the Beavers heard of the difficulties children faced in Darfur, they were keen to help raise awareness and funds to support the work of Kids for Kids.

So, on the 21st February, 24 children and their Leaders braved the cold weather of the UK to take part in their Water Relay Challenge.  Daniel Hortop, Beaver Scout Leader, said “The Water Relay was fun, but it had a very serious side too.  The Beavers were shocked to find out there were children about the same age as them who actually couldn’t go to school and have an education, because they were having to spend so long each day to get something as basic as water.  We knew that once they heard about it, they would want to help in some way.  And we were really proud of the way they took on the Challenge we set them.”

We are so grateful to all those who took part and gave such fantastic support to our work.  Congratulations to the Beavers for all their effort which, we are delighted to report, has already raised over £600.  There is still time to donate to the Water Relay Challenge by visiting their on line donation page here.

If you or your group would be interested in holding your own water fundraiser to give help to children in Darfur and their families, please get in touch:  or 07971001904.