Doreen’s special celebration

Doreen Baker has been a great supporter of Kids for Kids and our work in Darfur for over 10 years now and has donated hundreds of pounds over that time.

Earlier this year, Doreen celebrated her 90th birthday and rather than receive presents to mark this special occasion, she asked her friends and family to make a donation to us instead. We are so grateful that Doreen thought of us at such a special time and delighted that over £200 was raised!

So a special ‘Thank you’ to Doreen and all her friends and family too. You are helping us make a real difference to the lives of the forgotten children in Darfur.

And a belated ‘Happy 90th birthday’ to Doreen!



Doarking Cox Team Rows for Kids for Kids!

The Doarking Cox Team had a brilliant race in London’s River Marathon.  Family and friends cheered the Year 2 Dads from Battersea Park as they took on The Great River Race! We are so thrilled to have the support of such a wonderful team from St Paul’s Dorking. Look at the lovely sign Miranda Houldey’s children made to support their Dad. Such fun!

We are so grateful for the support of St Paul’s School in Dorking, a true inspiration in the fundraising they have done to help children in Darfur. St Paul’s School in Dorking adopted Kids for Kids as their charity of the year for 2016-17 and brought together a team of Year 2 Dads who competed against 400 other crews in London’s River Marathon on the 9th of September. James Davidson, Stuart Dodds, Joe Griffin, Neil Houldey, Tom Kelly, Tom Roberts, Gareth Sadler and Jez Willy rowed a 34ft Thames Waterman Cutter 22 miles from London Docklands to Richmond – how incredible!

These wonderful Dads and everyone who supported them have helped to make an amazing difference in the lives of children living in Darfur the same age as their own, and we are so thankful.

Do see their fundraising below and make any last donations to help Kids for Kids to help families and children that no body has ever helped before. Thank you.

Maureen’s birthday walk – double the success!

She did it! We really wanted to update you on the news from Maureen’s Wing Walk. In addition to the amazing bravery Maureen showed, she has now raised the magnificent total of £1,884, nearly twice her original target!

That’s a fantastic amount and Maureen has told us “I am overwhelmed by the generosity of donors.”
So thank you to everyone who has supported this lovely lady and helped her raise this great amount, which is going to make such a difference in Darfur. “I certainly could not have done what Maureen took on – standing on the top of a plane flying high in the clouds” said Patricia Parker, our Founder “I am so pleased people have supported her by fulfilling her wish to make a real difference to children’s lives. What a fantastic way to say Happy Birthday World! Thank you everyone for such fantastic support – Maureen’s 75th Birthday will go on and on being celebrated in Darfur.”

Our original news story follows:

It makes our knees wobbly just to think about this challenge!

To celebrate her milestone birthday, Maureen undertook a huge adrenalin challenge on 4th August – a Wing Walk!  A gift paid for by the family for her 75th birthday, Maureen said ‘I wanted the starving children in Darfur to benefit if friends and family and supporters of Kids for Kids would be kind enough to sponsor me. Knowing the money goes directly to those needing it is a great incentive.  I’m rather nervous and will probably be terrified on the day, but the cause will spur me on!  I think this will be my last challenge so please help to save those starving children.”

The week before the walk, the weather looked dubious and the participant nervous, but thankfully the day arrived and it was fine enough to fly.  Maureen said “I was getting a bit nervous on Wednesday and wondering if the winds would affect the flight taking place.  However, although it was windy it went off very well.  The experience was fantastic.  Once up there I could have stayed up all day!”  Perhaps Maureen’s words can inspire you to take on a challenge like this one too?!

Please donate for such bravery – you can do so on Maureen’s MyDonate page, or directly online to Kids for Kids, but please leave us a note if you do.

Maureen, you are so generous and brave with your support for Kids for Kids.  Thank you so much.  What you do makes an incredible different to the children in Darfur you are helping.


Touching support within villages of Darfur

Eid is a special time in Darfur, especially when Ramadan has been as demanding as this year when temperatures soared.     At the end of the Holy Holiday we were touched to hear about a very special offer of  support that villagers have decided to make to ensure our projects are on course.

It is as hard for animals to survive in Darfur as it is for humans in the harsh conditions.    It is therefore essential to get veterinary care in place before our animals arrive.    But our goats and donkeys are needed urgently.  Any delay means children go hungry.    Each year there is a challenge to finish our Animal Husbandry training for the beneficiaries and our Childrens’ Shepherds’ Committee, and the Paravets training so that it doesn’t clash with the arrival of the rains and the planting season when everyone is needed in the fields.    Working the land in Darfur is concentrated on just a short period and is crucial because a successful crop means you can feed your family.

All our new villages this year have offered to help the volunteers, who are being trained as paravets, with their planting, so that the training will not have to be delayed, and their families will not suffer.  This year they will be back in their villages in time for us to buy the goats at the right time – when the grass is starting to grow and yet the price of animals has not soared. It means too that the goats will have settled into their new homes before they become pregnant and are likely to have an easier, less stressful pregnancy,  and successful births.    Everyone is watching anxiously for the rains.

It really shows how the whole community is behind our projects and determined to make them a success for the whole village.    “This is an example of real community involvement and shows why our projects are sustainable” said Patricia Parker MBE Founder.    “Life is incredibly hard in Darfur with even the simplest job – to light a fire to cook you walk miles to find firewood, to have a drink of water in the summer it could be a walk of 20 miles.   This offer to help another family means a great deal.    I am so impressed and encouraged.   I think this year’s villages may be the best ever!”

Blanket auction raises £500!

We will soon be able to help more of the children we support in Darfur to keep warm during cold desert nights, thanks to a remarkable piece of handiwork auctioned by Worth School in West Sussex.

Kim Harding-Snelling, who works at St Bede’s House at Worth School,  spent over 150 hours creating a knitted blanket made up of one hundred different coloured and textured squares. Each square featuring a different knitting technique and as the photos show, the blanket is a sight to behold.

Kim very generously decided to put the blanket up for auction to support our work, as the St Bede’s House charity. We are delighted that the final bid for the blanket reached a £500 and the money will be used to purchase blankets for the children in Darfur.

Michael Matthews, Housemaster of St Bede’s House said: “We have been honoured to support Kids for Kids over the last 4 years and are proud to have raised over £16,000 in that time.  Our Matron, Kim, has done such an amazing job and has taken such pride in making her contribution to the house charity effort.”

Kids for Kids founder, Patricia Parker MBE, added “What an amazing, wonderful work of art and what an incredible thing to do. I am so pleased that we will be able to buy blankets for the children with the money it raised at auction.  The desert nights in Darfur are cold and a blanket can protect children from chest infections which can be fatal when they are already weak with malnutrition.”

The large double blankets we provide in Darfur currently cost £25 each, so this fundraising initiative by the school will buy 20 blankets to help keep children warm at night.

If your school or group would like to find out more about how you could raise funds to help our work with forgotten children in Darfur, please email us at:

Handmade blanket being auctioned in aid of Kids for Kids by St Bede's House at Worth School

Blanket being auctioned by Worth School, in aid of Kids for Kids

Late Egg? Easter surprise!

Do you need a late Easter present? Give a special gift with our personalised Easter Certificates.

With famine a real spectre in Darfur right now, it is the children and elderly most at risk. While our Goat Loans work miracles for children, herding a flock is too much for frail older people to manage, and so Kids for Kids gives them chickens instead!

Give a chicken to a grandmother in Darfur and you will make a huge difference this Easter.   You can help ensure they have the food they need by donating chickens that will provide nutritious eggs to eat.

We can email a special Easter Certificate to you or direct to the gift recipient. 

Simply click here to donate chickens and a cockerel, or visit our shop to choose an alternative Easter gift.

Please tell us how you would like the recipient’s and your names to appear on the Certificate, together with the email address to send it to. You can let us know in the ‘Order Notes’ box at Checkout, or by email to Thank you.

Happy Easter!