Incredible support for Empowering Women

What a fantastic response you have  given to our appeal on Global Giving helping ‘Empower Women to Earn an Income’.

The number of donations made to the campaign has now reached 111 and the total raised so far is over £7,100 ($9,600). Thank you so much to everyone who has donated. We have some pretty incredible friends and supporters.

On International Women’s Day – which is also our birthday! – Global Giving were matching donations at 30%.  Your response when we asked for your support on that day meant we earned $625 from the Global Giving matching, but also came in 4th for ‘projects with the most donations’ and won a bonus prize of $200 from Global Giving!

We didn’t quite make it as one of the charities with the most individual donations received in the following two weeks, but may still be selected to be part of the Global Giving ‘Girl Fund’, securing project funding for the rest of 2018!

If you would like to find out more about the appeal and help us Empower Women, please go to Global Giving here.  Your help will enable us to empower some of the most deprived women in the world to build better futures for themselves and their children.

Urgent Need: Starvation is a real risk this summer

Urgent Need: Starvation is a real risk for Children in Darfur this Summer.

Summer has barely started, yet temperatures in Darfur are soaring. Children and animals are likely to die if we do nothing. The whole of Darfur is now reported to be in crisis and in those areas where there is no humanitarian aid available, which includes the villages, the level of need is even higher.  This is an emergency.

Please donate to our Urgent Need Appeal now.

Famine Disaster Relief reported as long ago as October last year that areas of Darfur were in crisis even then. Failed harvest, for the second year running, has left people with virtually nothing to enable them to survive the coming months. Combined with soaring inflation and the drastic devaluation of the Sudanese pound to a third of its value, every village is asking for help. Starvation is a real and frightening spectre for the coming months. The Government of Sudan does not normally ask for help, but earlier the Governor of North Darfur called for urgent assistance. This is an indication of just how serious the situation is.

We cannot stand by and do nothing, so we have launched an appeal that will enable us to give help in this emergency. This will be in addition to providing sustainable help through our programme of integrated grass roots projects. Our long experience has shown that enabling people to help themselves, especially to help them diversify from sole reliance on the subsistence crop, with our goats, gives them the resilience to withstand disasters. But even in our villages people are worried. Those with no animals have little chance without help. But not one organisation has responded to the appeal for aid.

One of the problems is making sure families have enough stored food to keep their animals alive throughout the summer, until the rains come. When the harvest fails, the grass is also sparse and it is this which they save and turn into hay, plus crops such as watermelon. I have already asked for a report of which villages are likely to be hit the hardest. The list is long. We need to provide flour for the families and fodder for the animals right now.

Please help now by making a donation –  ‘The Greatest Need’

Donations can be made in set amounts between £10 and £100. If you would like to give more, please transfer online to the Kids for Kids’ account with the reference ‘urgent need’. For more methods of payment, please see How to Donate.

Thank you.

Vital help – see who is supporting us

Your support for Kids for Kids is enabling us to change the lives of hundreds of forgotten children in Darfur who live each day with the threat of hunger, thirst, disease and violence. Without your vital support children would die from treatable diseases, suffer long term consequences of malnutrition and even not survive birth. You are helping us transform their lives and we cannot thank you enough.

We are delighted to have received support from the following organisations through many different ways: donations, event sponsorship, advertising in our Programmes, collection tins, publicity and, to keep us going, moral support! It all makes a difference. This is not a definitive list as some do not wish to be publicised. Do click through on some of the logos to read more about Kids for Kids on the company sites.   We are grateful to you all.

“Delamere Dairy has been producing and selling goats’ milk in the UK and around the world for 32 years. Most of our customers choose goats’ milk as the naturally, nutritionally complete alternative to cows’ milk.
In Darfur, people do not have the luxury of choice but goats’ milk from the Kids for Kids goat loan scheme transforms children’s health and saves lives. Kids for Kids’ ethos is, ‘We don’t believe in charity, we believe in enabling people to help themselves.’  This resonated with us, and we are pleased to support Kids for Kids in whatever ways we can.”


Getting involved with Kids for Kids is a great way for your company’s philanthropy and fundraising efforts to make a real difference in a quantifiable way. Employees can be encouraged to work together to raise funds, while building team spirit and raising morale, and building your reputation as a company that is passionate about enabling children, their families and whole villages in Darfur to help themselves, for the long term.

Please get in touch to find out about the different ways your organisation can get involved and give support!  Call 07957206440 or email

Darfur in ‘crisis’

2018 has not started well for the villages we support in Darfur.

The harvest has failed and we are worried how families will cope.  In fact, Famine Disaster Relief has put out a warning that areas of Darfur are in ‘crisis’.

We have to make sure we are in a position to  provide seed and fodder if needed and so, as we start to plan our projects for 2018, we are asking for help through ‘Donations for the Greatest Need’.

Your support is vital; we cannot just stand by.

Thank you.

Make 2018 a year to remember!

We can help you make 2018 a year to remember.

And you can help us make a real difference to the children and families in Darfur by taking on one of our exciting new challenges for the New Year.  There is a wide range to choose from, with personal challenges or sponsored events, from walking 10k to 10 days cycling across the Andes.

Find out more on our ‘Challenges’ page here.

Do something amazing in 2018!



Give a Goat for Christmas!

You can transform the lives of malnourished and forgotten children in Darfur – simply by donating a Goat this Christmas!

Give a Goat now and you will help us give hope to even more families who face each day knowing their children will go hungry. Just one cup of goat’s milk a day transforms a child’s health.

Simply pop a Goat in your basket here and let us know your instructions – the names you want on the Certificate and to whom to send your gifts – in the Order Notes at Checkout, or by email to

We send your gift to Darfur and a Christmas Gift Certificate to your loved ones. We can even email Certificates right up to Christmas Eve, to help take care of any last minute gifts!


New Water Yard opens

We are beyond delighted to announce that we recently completed construction of our Water Yard at the village of Kulkul!

This Water Yard is providing clean water for over 5,000 people who were previously walking up to 7 hours each day just to reach water – but not fresh and clean drinking water. People in Kulkul and the surrounding villages were taking water from unprotected ponds and wells, water that was not clean, and that animals also used. The dam, about 10km away, broke down and there was a real water shortage in Kulkul. “Can you imagine walking even a mile for every drop of water?” said Patricia Parker, our founder. “You have to remember too, that in Darfur temperatures soar in the summer to over 50 degrees. How is it that no other organisation is funding the drilling for water? I simply do not understand it.”

The Water Yard has a submersible pump, meaning that people will drink, wash and cook with clean water that is not a risk of infection. The Water Committee in the village has been trained how to run the generator so that any breakdown can be repaired, and the pump does not sit idle.

This is Naima with her son, Gamar, visiting the water yard at Kulkul. Naima has 8 children- 3 boys and 5 girls, with 4 of her children under the age of 5. Before the Kulkul Water Yard, Naima and her family were walking to the dam 10km away from their village to get unclean water to drink and bathe with. With this new submersible pump in the village, Naima says her family is much healthier, as they have pure and safe drinking water.

We are grateful to our supporters for helping us to in build this incredible Water Yard. Sadly there are many more villages where everyone living in them is forced to walk miles for water. Please help us to improve both the quantity and quality of rural water supplies in Darfur. We have set up a Water Fund so that we have money available as soon as the drill is in North Darfur. We don’t want to delay if there is a chance to change children’s lives so dramatically.

Special gifts this Christmas

Our Kids for Kids Christmas Gift Certificates are the perfect way to give a special present to friends and family – the gift of hope to those who have nothing.

We send your gift to Darfur and a personalised Gift Certificate to your loved ones.

Simply visit our online shop, or take a look at our Christmas Gift List to select the special gift you would like to give.

We can’t name goats easily, but we can name handpumps, a kindergarten, Health or Veterinary Centre – or even a latrine! Just let us know who or what you would like us to celebrate with you.

Please tell us how you would like the recipient’s and your names to appear on the Certificate, together with the email or postal address to send it to. You can let us know by a Note with your order, or by email to

Inner Wheel does it again

Patricia was the guest speaker at the Inner Wheel Club of Spalding’s International Service lunch earlier this month and received a very generous donation.

The Inner Wheel Club of Spalding aims to help the community and international projects, as well as enjoying friendship and camaraderie and their international service officer, Marina Hutchison, said about the lunch: “It was a great success, with the presence of members of various Inner Wheel Clubs of the area, members of the South Holland Rotary Club and numerous friends.”

The combined amount received from the Inner Wheel Club of Spalding, South Holland Rotary and a Rotarian totalled a fantastic £1,000.  Our grateful thanks to all those involved in raising this very generous donation.

Patricia commented: “Such a treat my visit to Spalding. It was a super gathering. The donation was so generous of all involved, but more important – thank you for helping the children in Darfur.”

See more from an article in Spalding Today here.

Fantastic day fishing

What a great day we had on Saturday; probably the best day’s fishing we have ever had!

It was lovely that so many could join us to fish at the fantastic Park Lake and help make the day such a success. We are really grateful to Richard, Tony, Cameron and everyone at the Albury Estate for making it possible. Key to the success of the day is to have great trainers and volunteers. John, Trevor, Peter, Cecil and Tom could not have worked harder – it was such fun seeing how many fish were caught. The heaviest was 2lb 11 ozs! Of course, the inner man has to be looked after too and the volunteers from the Surrey Committee somehow managed to magic up delicious food throughout the day. Everyone was well looked after and very well fed!

We are incredibly grateful for the generosity of Albury Estate and the support of event sponsor J Timpson Photography for supporting us for the second year running. Please note – the photographs below are NOT Jonathan’s – he was too busy fishing with son Oliver!

We can’t wait for next year! Incidentally it was a sell out event so do book early for 2018. Watch the Events Page to see the date.



Sharing with Little Sharers

We are so excited that Kids for Kids is now a charity partner with Little Sharers – the online children’s party planning service with a charitable gift giving programme.

Little Sharers provides an easy & fun way for children – and adults! – to set up a party with a special gift fund that can help them get their ideal present themselves, whilst also encouraging sharing, by donating half the fund to their chosen charity.

We are looking forward to working with them and enabling party goers to have the opportunity to give children in Darfur the gift of a real future, whilst celebrating their own special occasion.

If you would like to find out more, please take a look at the Little Sharers website:

Edgeborough School supports Kids for Kids!

We are delighted that Edgeborough School in Farnham, Surrey, are adopting Kids for Kids to support our work helping children in Darfur.

Charity founder Patricia Parker visited the school as a guest speaker last week, to tell staff and pupils about life in Darfur and how our work helps transform the lives of some of the poorest people.

“I was so impressed at Edgeborough”, said Patricia. “What an exceptional school.  The children were a fabulous audience.  It gives me real hope for the future when I meet young people whose questions showed not just their concern, but an enthusiasm to make a difference themselves.  If only the rest of the world could follow their example!  I am very much looking forward to visiting the Pre Prep on Monday 9th October to meet the little ones. “

Already the pupils, staff and Parent’s Association are making plans how they too can make a real difference.

Headmaster Dan Thornburn said about the visit “The whole school was buzzing about Kids for Kids and I know that everyone will get fully behind the cause.”  Jennifer Thomas, who told the school about what we are doing to help children in Darfur, added: “The staff were really impressed particularly with how engaged the children were throughout the talk.  They were really inspired and are already planning a sponsored walk based on how far children in Darfur have to walk for water.”

Thank you to everyone at the school for your enthusiasm and great feedback. We so look forward to working with you!