What a Ball!

This year’s Ambassadors’ Ball went above and beyond what we could have hoped for! From the champagne reception sponsored by Moet & Chandon,  to dancing to the Funktonite tunes, every moment was filled with smiles, generosity, and so much love for Kids for Kids. We are blown away by how kind everyone has been, including  friends unable to attend the Ball, who have made donations towards our total. With the situation in Sudan so unstable the one thing sadly we know already is that conditions for families in Darfur will be even worse.

We are just finalising the total raised from The Ambassadors’ Ball this year so stay tuned!!! But for now please enjoy some of the photographs from a most incredible evening and put Saturday June 6th in your calendar for the 2020 Ambassadors’ Ball!  With a huge thanks to our fantastic photographer, Antonia Penia who has outdone herself once more! A selection of photos are below, with many many more available for purchase on Antonia’s website here: https://www.antoniapenia.com/kidsforkids19. Please contact Antonia with any questions: antoniapeniacom@gmail.com.

Kids for Kids Founder invited to 11 Downing Street for The Times / Sternberg Active Life Award Ceremony

“For some people turning 70 represents time to slow down, scale back on their activities and start putting themselves first. Other exceptional people, however, do the opposite and continue with or even step up their involvement in the communities or causes that matter to them.”

Patricia Parker MBE, 71-year-old CEO and Founder of Kids for Kids, had the honour of being named Runner Up in The Times/Sternberg Active Life Award, recognising the achievements of those over the age of 70.  Patricia and colleagues were welcomed by The Sir Sigmund Sternberg Charitable Foundation together with The Times Newspaper to 11 Downing Street, by kind permission of the Rt. Hon. The Chancellor of the Exchequer. Winner of this year’s Award was Denis Rutovitz (90), who started Edinburgh Direct Aid in 1992 and has made many trips providing urgently needed aid all over the world – from Kosovo during the Croatian War of Independence to Kenya to help AIDS orphans to Sri Lanka post Tsunami.

Patricia said, “I am hugely honoured to be named Runner Up to such an outstanding man. It was such a pleasure to meet him and learn what he continues to achieve. I am also thrilled for Kids for Kids. Being recognised by such a prestigious Award will I hope raise the profile of the forgotten children of Darfur who live in such deprived conditions. For this to happen now, when Sudan is in turmoil, is perfect timing. Whoever ends up running Sudan has enormous challenges to face, and because Darfur is so far from the capital it has always been the last to receive help of any kind. This recognition will help spread the news of the life-saving sustainable projects we provide to remote communities, transforming the lives of children long term.” Patricia has donated her £1,000 Award to provide more help to children in Darfur.

The presentation ceremony at Downing Street on Tuesday 21st May heard from Baroness Altmann about distinguished earlier recipients of the Award, as well as from Michael Sternberg from the Sternberg Foundation who reminded us of the many people across history whose greatest achievements have been when others might have stepped back into retirement. Mr Rutovitz gave a moving speech about the importance of getting more older people involved in helping those around the world in great need. After returning to Edinburgh after his first visit to Bosnia, Denis realised that there were many people willing and eager to help by fundraising and donating, and that not only was he going to continue helping those in need, his work would be helping those looking for a way to help. Patricia too found that it was not only children in Darfur whose lives Kids for Kids is changing. “It is a privilege to speak to children here. They are excited and empowered by finding that raising even a little money themselves makes a real impact on children their own age living such different lives. It gives them hope and helps them realise that you are never too young – or too old – to make a difference!” said Patricia.

The Times/ Sternberg Active Life Award was set up in 2008 by Sir Sigmund Sternberg, a British- Hungarian businessman, inter-faith campaigner and philanthropist, in conjunction with The Times. He died in 2016. This year’s judging panel included Sir John Ritblat and Sir Tom Farmer, the businessmen, and Craig Tregurtha, group managing editor of The Times and The Sunday Times.

For More Information or to use any Photographs please contact Sage Lancaster: sage@kidsforkids.org.uk, 07528 194495

Please Note: All official photos taken by Richard Pohle, The Times Photographer. Photos from Darfur taken by Alastair King-Smith

Happy Birthday, Kids for Kids!

Friday, March 8th, is International Women’s Day – and our 18th Birthday!

“Please celebrate with me!” that is the message from Patricia Parker MBE who founded Kids for Kids 18 years ago!   She says “It is hard to believe that since 2001 we have transformed the lives of 500,000 people in 92 villages, but we can’t stop there.   Last year was a terrible time for mothers in Darfur and we are all determined to make this year better for as many children as we can.   Please will you give a Kids for Kids Birthday Present today? We are determined to adopt eight villages this year, but we need your help.”

This Friday is International Women’s Day and our 18th Birthday, and one of our projects on GlobalGiving is lucky enough to be involved in a campaign which means your donations will go even farther!!   YES – DONATE ON FRIDAY 8th AND 30% WILL BE ADDED WHATEVER YOU DONATE!

What better way to celebrate your fantastic support of Kids for Kids then by having your donation matched at 30% by GlobalGiving? Our project ‘Empowering Women to Earn an Income’ is in the running to earn potential funding for the whole year from GlobalGiving. On Friday March 8th starting at 9am EST (2pm GMT) all donations up to $250/£128 (whilst funds last) to this project will be matched at 30%. Set a calendar reminder now and donate this Friday to help us celebrate our 18th Birthday!! Please can you help?!

This Bonus Day is part of a bigger campaign where our Empowering Women Project is in the running to secure funding for the whole year. If you miss donating on Friday you can still donate before 11:59PM EST on Thursday March 14th (4:59am GMT on Friday March 15th).  Every penny counts – even a $10/£10 donation will go far, counting as a ‘vote’ towards securing funding. it is not about how much money we raise overall, but the number of individual donors who give!  Please help us by mobilising your friends to donate.

Please read the Terms and Conditions for this campaign to ensure you know what’s what: https://www.globalgiving.org/girl-fund-campaign-terms-and-conditions/   Last year this campaign was a huge success, bringing in 111 donations from different people and raising £7,100 ($9,600) and our goal is to raise even more this year – can you help?!!

DONATE NOW: https://www.globalgiving.org/projects/empower-women-darfur-sudan/

Cycle from Tanzania to Zanzibar this November

What better way to spend just over a week in cold November than by heading on down to Tanzania?!

This year we are encouraging a group of our supporters to join a fantastic cycling fundraising trip!  Begin the trip in Dar es Salaam where you will journey 350km by bike exploring the breath taking scenery and spectacular wildlife that the country has to offer. You’ll finish up in Zanzibar, an island paradise famous for its white beaches and coconut palms surrounded by the turquoise Indian Ocean.  If you are looking for a challenge and an unforgettable experience, you’ve found it!

To take part in this challenge there is a registration fee of £349 and a commitment to raise £3,200 in sponsorship. As the cost of the tour is £1,631, this means £1,569 (or more depending on what wonderful amounts you raise!!)  will go directly to helping children and families in Darfur, living in the most unimaginable poverty. Included in the tour cost is your return flights, accommodation (hotels and lodges), transfers, full medical support, experienced guides and support team, water and almost all your meals!

If you have any questions about how to raise funds, please take a look at the fundraising ideas on our Get Involved page, or get in touch with us directly at contact@kidsforkids.org.uk.  We would be more than happy to send you promotional materials, and support your fundraising efforts!  Our supporters often find that holding an event to raise funds brings in more money than just simply asking for sponsorship from family and friends.  Why not host a quiz night and charge an entrance fee?!

This challenge is fully supported by Classic Challenges throughout the trip, and more information about how to sign up can be found on their website here.


Midwife Munira Graduates Second in her Class

The thing girls fear most in Darfur is childbirth.   The incidence of death or fistula in the remote villages of Darfur is amongst the highest in the world.   People move to villages when they know there is a trained midwife.   Few villages have health care of any sort.   For the past 18 years Kids for Kids has funded the training of village midwives and these brave women have transformed the survival rate of both mothers and their newborn babies.

In December, the latest 34 Kids for Kids village midwives returned to their homes.  “We are completely blown away by the exam results of our new Kids for Kids midwives!” said Sage Lancaster who now works for Kids for Kids having learnt about their sustainable projects when she was at school in Hampstead, London.    Every year Kids for Kids trains new midwives from our adopted villages, empowering them to learn new skills, master a profession, and earn an income – changing their lives dramatically. In our last training session, 34 women from Kids for Kids villages studied in Khartoum, and scored some of the best exam results of their whole graduating class!  They are now all officially qualified and have returned to their villages in Darfur to start saving lives.

One of our midwives, Munira from Fardal village, scored the second highest result of the whole class!  Munira’s training was sponsored by Delamere Dairy to celebrate the first grandchild of their founders.   Tyba from Um Judoul scored the third highest result, and Salma from Geleidat Villages scored the 4th highest results. Kids for Kids midwives also held the 5th, 7th and 8th places! “What a huge representation” said Sage,  “It just goes to show how intelligent our volunteer midwives are, how willing and able to learn, study hard, and achieve great things.  It is especially impressive to think that most girls do not finish their education, and school in Darfur is as basic as it could be.  Many have no chairs or desks or teaching aids – just a blackboard for the teacher.”

Our Project Leader, Hassan, had a chance to speak to Munira at the celebration we held for midwives in El Fasher who graduated on December 10th.  Munira said “I was very afraid when I left our village to go to Khartoum where we were all taught at the Midwife Training School. It is so different from our village, and so far away. We had to fly there!”    Up until that journey Munira and her friends had only ever travelled on a donkey, as there are few roads in Darfur.

These brave women have now returned to their own home villages in Darfur where they will help deliver the babies of their neighbours and friends. These extraordinary women have been given the knowledge and tools to ensure their loved ones are kept safe in their homes where there is so little access to health care for pregnant women. How incredible!

For more information about our Midwives please look here. To support the training of our new midwives this year please donate in our online shop, specifying at check out for the donation to support midwives – or even fund one midwife’s entire training here

If you are supporting from outside of the UK, please donate via our Global Giving Project!

Thank you.

What we did with your donations last year!

“We believe that you should know how we are helping, the difficulties we face, and what we have achieved, with your support,” said Patricia Parker MBE Founder and CEO of Kids for Kids.

At the beginning of every calendar year we publish a complete list of the projects we carried out in Darfur during the previous 12 months. This allows our supporters to see what their donations have made possible in our 92 villages.

In 2018 we faced a challenge, as drought led to famine, and inflation soared.  The year became one of the worst we have known since Kids for Kids started in 2001. “But the great news,” said Patricia Parker MBE, Founder and CEO, “is that we have managed to do all we had planned during the year.”  Along with providing our sustainable projects to five new communities – 5,800 men, women and children, plus supporting the 87 villages we have already adopted – we were able to provide over 6,000 families with emergency aid as they faced the prospect of starvation. Thank you all, so much, for making this possible.

For details of what we did this year please read Our 2018 Achievements. This document also details our plans for 2019, which includes adopting five new villages.  More will be added after the Programme Meetings being held by Patricia next month, with our Darfur team.    These are crucial meetings which each year result in major decisions being made all of which affect people’s lives.   “It is a huge responsibility” said Patricia “These meetings help to identify the problems, some of them life threatening, which villagers face.   This year I have the heartbreaking task of narrowing the selection down to just five villages for us to adopt, knowing that in every village children dies last year from malnutrition.   If only we could help them all.”

We only promise help if we can be sure we have the funds needed.  If you can support us by commiting to give a set amount you will allow us to plan ahead.  The support from Children’s Champions and Regular Supporters is vital to our work.

Please continue your incredible support in 2019, and encourage others to get involved!

Feel free to Contact Us with any questions or to express interest in supporting Kids for Kids in some way. We would love to hear from you!

Once again – Superstars!!

If you are familiar with GlobalGiving then you know that every year this platform, which focuses on giving donors access to small effective charities, rewards its best charities with Superstar status. Well, to start off 2019 on the best foot possible, Kids for Kids has once again been rewarded with SUPERSTAR status!

In 2018 donations from all our wonderful donors on GlobalGiving, combined with the matching funds the website supplied through various bonus days, raised a phenomenal $65,112. What an accomplishment! We are so grateful to all those who supported us here – YOU are the real superstars!

“I feel so proud to receive these awards,” said Patricia Parker MBE, Founder and CEO. “But even more grateful to our wonderful supporters. You are enabling us to do amazing work and it is such a privilege. I cannot believe people can survive in Darfur – things are really bad. They really need us. Thank you.”

We have also been told that 390 new people donated to our GlobalGiving projects this year and our 15 monthly donors raised $4,016 in the past 12 months. We are so unbelievably grateful to our monthly donors who set up a recurring donation on the website, giving anything from $10 to $100 and more each month – funds we can rely on and that help us plan ahead for our projects.

You can easily be a monthly donor – just choose your favourite project and select the ‘Donate Monthly’ option – every penny helps!

This year, GlobalGiving will have multiple bonus days for you to participate in!   A few dates for your calendar are March 1st-15th for the Girl Fund Campaign, April 8th-12th for the Little by Little Campaign, July 18th for the GG Rewards Day, and December 3rd for this year’s Giving Tuesday. Get these dates in your diary and await more information from us about these campaigns closer to the time (check our social media networks, or email us to stay in the loop!). We look forward to spending another year with you all – and don’t forget to share our GlobalGiving page with friends and family to help us make our network bigger.  Our 2019 goal is raise even more funds on the site than in 2018 and we need your help!!
Thank you, Superstars, and here’s to another year of creating sustainable change for families in Darfur!

Gift Certificates – How to order one!

The perfect gift this Christmas!   Do you want to make a donation to Kids for Kids on behalf of a loved one this Holiday Season?  Here we show you exactly how you can – and receive a fantastic Gift Certificate to give them!

  1. Visit our website and choose the gift you would like to give.  This can be absolutely anything from a Goat,  Donkey,  Mosquito Nets,  Farm Tools,  Education for a child for the year, or anything else you desire!
  2. Make your donation online. As you check out, the website will ask you for any ‘Order Notes’ you may have. In this box please write details of the Gift Certificate(s), including the spelling of all names. Please include To, From, and any other message you would like. Please also detail where you would like it emailed or mailed.
  3. We create a Gift Certificate just for your loved one!  The perfect gift – a gift that gives on.

We give your gift to a family in Darfur, and create a personalised Gift Certificate for your loved one. All our projects are sustainable so your gift will go on to help more and more families each year.

Kids for Kids is helping people to help themselves, stay in their homes, and give children a chance at a better future. Our sustainable projects lift families out of poverty and transform whole communities long-term.  Every donation you make this Holiday Season will help us to continue our life saving work in Darfur and adopt five new villages in 2019. 2018 was one of the most difficult year’s we have seen in Darfur, with drought and then famine leaving families hungry for most of the year. For the first time, Kids for Kids had to provide emergency aid and in 2019 we will have to help families rebuild. Your support this time of year will make certain we are giving families the best possible chance next year.

If you have any questions or need any additional help please email contact@kidsforkids.org.uk or ring Sage Lancaster on 07528 194495.  We are more than happy to help!

Planning a children’s party?

We know how time consuming it can be to plan your children’s parties each year – and so does Little Sharers!   New gifting and party planning service Little Sharers is aiming to change the way we look at gifts for kids’ parties. Founder (and mum to two daughters) Alexandra is no stranger to the world of birthday parties, and saw a way to cut down the party to-do list for both planners and guests, cut down on excess and duplicate gifts, and support charities close to our hearts at the same time. Kids for Kids is delighted to be a Little Sharers Charity and we are thrilled that children in the UK are celebrating their birthday’s and helping children their same age in Darfur in the process.

Here are 3 Key Reasons to Give your Kid’s Party a Charitable Twist:

1. Everyone saves time

Busy parents receive the invitation in their inboxes, and can RSVP and take care of the gift at the same time, there and then, from their smartphone. Magic!

2. Everyone cuts down on waste

Rather than a table groaning with hastily-bought gifts, the half of the party fund that goes to the organiser can be put towards something the child will love. Not only is this a fantastic reward for their charitable giving, but it means each guest has contributed to a truly loved gift, rather than a pile of presents which run the danger of possibly never seeing the light of day once unwrapped on party day.

3. Kids are empowered to affect change

Introducing kids to the work of charitable organisations at an early age is a fantastic way to encourage their engagement with issues they care about. They will be confident in their ability to make a difference to a charity, and will understand the importance of their contribution, no matter how small.

No child is too young to make a real difference in the world, and Little Sharers introduces your young ones to this in a magical way. It is such a fantastic idea to throw a party for a child here and have it help children in Darfur who have not only never had a party of their own, but have never even had a toy to play with. So visit the Little Sharers website, talk to your child about the importance of throwing a party for Kids for Kids, and start planning the best birthday part ever!  https://www.littlesharers.com/

A Mother’s Dream

“When I first began visiting Darfur,” says Patricia Parker MBE, Kids for Kids Founder and CEO, “I saw little children, no more than three or four years old, tied with rope to their family’s huts. I was aghast. I could not think of any reason for why children would be put in such dangerous situations by their own mothers.

Speaking to mothers, I could tell they loved their children so much, but saw no other option. When children are young, a mother can tie her baby with cloth to her body as she travels the four or five hours walk to fetch water. But as the child gets older she cannot manage a heavy infant and the jerrycans she must carry – her family’s only supply of water for the day.   What could they do? There was no chance of a neighbour watching their children as everyone in Darfur is carrying out the same chores, walking hours to fetch water, tending livestock, and keeping their own children safe.  Mothers do not want their two and three-year old’s crawling off, so they often have no alternative but to tie their children to their huts, keeping them secure while they are gone fetching water.   Can you imagine?

Every mother I spoke to dreamt of sending her children to Kindergarten.  They know that education is the way out of poverty.  This is why we started building Kindergartens, but it also helps with this challenging time for a little one and her worrying mother.

Of course, there are many compelling reasons why children need to go to school early – in Darfur many cannot start until 9 or 10, or later.   Many mothers can only afford to send their eldest son to school.  If children start education late they have little chance of reaching their full potential.  Children grow up very early in Darfur with virtually no childhood as survival is something every member of a family has to help with, even little ones.  Not only do our Kids for Kids’ Kindergartens provide an early education to children, but mothers are no longer forced to tie their children to huts to stop them wandering into the desert.  Mothers can go about their daily chores knowing not only are their children safe, but they are learning, and from the earliest age possible.  They are on the path out of poverty.

You may have seen our ‘Give a Goat’ gift suggestion, but the idea of donating to Kids for Kids on behalf of a loved one for any occasion can extend to any of our projects.  Choose your gift from our Shop now.

Please can you help us continue to build Kindergartens, keeping children safe, and giving them the chance every child deserves at a better future?  You can adopt a whole Kindergarten and give it a name of your choice or help provide educational toys, plant shade and fruit trees outside it or educate a child for a year.  You choose! Please tell your friends about this project and encourage them to donate. We have to build more schools as soon as possible.

New Kindergarten at Abu Nahla

Fishing for Goats brings in big reward!

Saturday the 13th of October marked our annual Fly Fishing Event: Fishing for Goats! – and what an extraordinary day it was. We were blessed with summer conditions, still waters, blue skies, and absolutely beautiful for October. Although this did not make the fishing very easy, everyone had a fantastic time and have said they want to come again next year!   Early warning for next year’s fishing date –  Saturday 12th October 2019!

Despite not receiving any sponsorship this year, our guests enjoyed themselves so much that many donated even more than the ticket price, leading us to raise the most funds ever for our fishing day – a fantastic £1,988.51!  This amount has enabled us to provide 30 more Urgent Need Packages of sorghum flour and seed, plus 12 goats of course, to families still at risk of starvation in Darfur. This has been one of the worst year’s to date and we are so grateful to our wonderful supporters for helping us to provide emergency help to people suffering the famine. We are not an emergency organisation, but when no one else is helping families in rural Darfur villages we have had no choice – we cannot let people or animals starve.

So grateful to our wonderful fishing instructors, the Surrey Committee for organising the event, and chefs that provided all our fishermen with delicious breakfast, lunch, and kept them supplied with tea and coffee throughout the day.  Thank you so much to all who joined us! Please spread the word about our annual Fly Fishing event, and make sure you get some friends on board to join you next October.

Rotary Club Donates £1,000 For Jerry Cans!

Earlier this year, Patricia Parker MBE, Kids for Kids Founder and CEO visited the Rotary Club of Cuckfield and Lindfield and gave a presentation about the life saving work that Kids for Kids does.  Patricia was delighted to be visited recently by Club President, Alec Landauer, and Sue McMillan from the International Committee, at her home in Dorking and presented with a cheque for £1,000 to be spent on Jerry Cans!  “What a wonderful surprise this was!” said Patricia, “Families are in desperate need of jerry cans right now for the first time ever so this is the perfect donation.”

2018 is the first year we have ever known that families have been sharing the use of a jerry can to fetch water. Women like Halima from Um Jum Jum, a village we adopted this year, has been sharing her neighbour’s jerry can because hers had cracked some time ago. Sharing a jerry can also means sharing the precious water you have walked miles across the desert to collect – the only water your family will have that day.  How could you part with it?

The wonderful donation from the Rotary Club of Cuckfield and Lindfield is enough to buy 130 jerry cans, meaning one for almost all of our new beneficiary families in our five 2018 villages!  We are thrilled.  If you too would like to donate a jerry can, please do not hesitate to do so – every jerry can donated will be put to use, allowing families to collect more water daily.  Donate a jerry can now.