St Swithun’s School Raises £3,000

On Monday 30th September Patricia Parker MBE, Founder and CEO of Kids for Kids, visited St Swithun’s School in Winchester to explain to the students and staff at assembly about what we have been able to do in Darfur, Sudan with their invaluable support last academic year. In September 2018, St Swithun’s School adopted Kids for Kids as their international charity of the year and raised over £3,000 which they are putting towards our key project – Goat Loans!  We are proud that we enable our supporters to choose exactly which project they would like to support.

Goats are a wonderful choice as they are the best microfinance investment!  Goat’s milk is the closest thing to a mother’s milk and provides essential protein and nutrients for children in Darfur who are malnourished.  Just one cup a day changes a child’s life. Women can sell surplus goat’s milk at market and earn the first income they will have ever received. We are so grateful to St Swithun’s for recognising the importance of our work, and making an amazing effort to help the forgotten children of Darfur this year.

Patricia met Paul Wallington, Head Teacher Ms Jane Gandee, and Head Girl Maria Solovyeva – a team of people that has been instrumental in fundraising for Kids for Kids this year. Patricia was delighted to present Certificates to Alice Calder and Emma Paterson whose personal effort raised £1,293.75.  “Emma and Alice showed that every one of us can have an impact on someone’s life” said Patricia. These two young girls were so moved by the mission of Kids for Kids that they decided to support the charity by taking part in the New Forest Half Marathon!   The girls have chosen to fund the repair of a handpump in Darfur and to build a Latrine. Please read more about their amazing achievement here.

“It was very special to be able to congratulate Alice and Emma” said Patricia “and I am more delighted than I can say that they are determined to support Kids for Kids next year.”

We are looking forward to visiting St Swithun’s School in the future, and have our fingers crossed that they will adopt us as their charity for 2020-21.  In March 2021 Kids for Kids will celebrate its’ 20th Birthday and we would just love for St Swithun’s to be a part of that!  “St Swithun’s is such a special school giving the girls everything needed to contribute to the future of us all.    This is why it has been so special to see their enthusiasm and understanding of Kids for Kids.   Each one of them by supporting our microfinance goat loans has changed children’s lives long term.   What an achievement!”

Students from St Swithun’s will be joining us as ushers for this year’s Candlelit Christmas Concert. See you all there!


Latest News: Autumn 2019

All the latest news from Kids for Kids is available here!

Kids for Kids Latest News

There are major changes in Sudan, with a new Government and the promise of democracy. See what this means to families living there – and to Kids for Kids:  Read News from Darfur now. 

Regular Giving and Children’s Champions

It is almost impossible to plan projects without knowing what funds we have!  Regular Donations are our lifeblood. Whether a monthly donation of committing to three year’s of supporting projects of your choice by becoming a Children’s Champion would make a massive tangible long term difference to how much we can help.

Read about Regular Support here!

Do come to our Candlelit Christmas Concert

The absolutely fabulous Joanna Lumley OBE will be providing the perfect start to your Christmas Season on Thursday 5th December at St Peter’s Church, Eaton Square, Belgravia.   Join the choirs from Queen’s Gate School and other celebrities for Christmas Carols, Mulled Wine and more!

Buy your tickets online now or by filling out our invitation here.

Planting Trees for Christmas

This Christmas Season we are encouraging you all to not only buy a tree and decorate it in your own home, but to give the gift of trees to children in Darfur!  Donate trees on behalf of a loved one this Holiday Season – we plant your trees in Darfur and send you a personalised Gift Certificate!

Read about our Trees now!

Trees For Christmas! The Perfect Gift.

Buy a tree for Christmas here, and a tree for children in Darfur 

Kids for Kids provides sustainable help to families in remote villages.  Your tree will help turn the desert green again!  If you donate a tree to be planted in Darfur this Christmas, you are giving children a future. 

It costs just £10 for one tree to stabilise the desert and provide shade to children. £15 buys three trees that will help fight climate change in a region rapidly turning to desert.   £45 will provide 20 fruit trees by the straw huts  which are home for children in Darfur. Small donations create big change – plant trees now!

Order our special Christmas Tree Certificate – personalised for your loved one!

Give a Tree for Christmas!


Order a Gift Certificate

Donate Another Item – Goats?  Donkeys?  Mosquito Nets?  Or maybe a Clean Water Handpump? Anything can be donated on behalf of a loved one!

Young Students Raise Valuable Funds

Big challenge for girls at St Swithun’s School – but it was Emma and last minute entrant Charlie who ran in the recent New Forest Half Marathon! Emma and Alice were supposed to run together but sadly Alice hurt her foot during training – so Charlie stepped in with less than a day’s notice and ran in her place!  What a star.

St Swithun’s School in Winchester selected Kids for Kids as Charity of the Year for 2018-2019 and after hearing from Patricia Parker MBE, Founder and CEO, Alice and Emma were inspired to raise even more funds in their spare time! Over the past few months the girls have been raising funds online for their run.  We are so grateful to them for their hard work, both training and fund raising.

The total thus far of a brilliant £1,293.75  will go straight to Kids for Kids’ life saving projects in Darfur. The girls have decided that they would like to spend the funds to repair a clean water hand pump and to build a new latrine in a village in need. Repairing a water pump means clean water close to a village, for families that have gone so long without. “There is nothing more disheartening than to see a handpump irreparable because the cost is too much for villagers to raise” says Patricia. “Families incomes have crashed in recent years.   They were poor before, now inflation and soaring costs has meant many families cannot afford even essential.”  A latrine ensures children are protected from deadly infections picked up through poor hygiene. Elsewhere in Sudan cholera is again rife.   “It is essential we do all we can to ensure clean water and good hygienic practises – and latrines are the key” says Patricia.

“Thank you to all who have supported these wonderful young people.   Charlie – your support made it happen.   I hope Alice, you recover quickly, and that you all remember what you have achieved for a very long time to come.   Thank you to all your supporters.   Together you will have changed lives for children so far away. It just goes to show what you can achieve when you set your mind to it.  No one is too young to make a real change in their world.”

It is not too late to support the run – you can still donate!  Visit their giving page and help Alice and Emma raise even more funds that will change lives drastically in Darfur.

“We feel privileged to have helped such an inspirational charity with such a moving ethos” says Emma. And you really have!  We can’t wait for next year’s run.

Alice, Emma, and Charlie are a real inspiration to us. They have shown just how big a difference you can make to the lives of others, and of course how much fun you can have at the same time!  If you are interested in supporting Kids for Kids by taking on a personal fitness challenge and raising life-saving funds at the same time we would be thrilled to hear from you. Please check out our charity challenges or get in touch to let us know of your own challenge: / 07597206440

Would you like to take part in next year’s New Forest Marathon?  Check it out now!

Prudential RideLondon: 100, it’s only a number!

Julian Taylor cycled in this year’s Prudential RideLondon to Surrey 100 which took place on August 4th. The event is held every year in August and gives cyclists the chance to ride on closed roads in the centre of London, out to Surrey and back again completing 100 miles round trip!  We are delighted to share with you a personal account directly from Julian of his experience. It is certain to inspire you to take part next year!  Read more about the Prudential or get in touch to express your interest in the 2020 Event.

100, it’s only a number!

by Julian Taylor

“I have wanted to ride in the London Surrey 100 and have entered through the ballot a number of times without success, so it was great to be able to enter and raise money for a great charity at the same time. When we were made aware of the opportunity my eldest daughter Sophia said she would really like to enter as well.

I undertook a fairly disciplined approach to training, taking in some steep hills and long rides to make sure that I was prepared. Sophia meanwhile took the “it’ll be alright” approach.

The weekend of the event arrived far more quickly than I expected and started with registration at The Excel on the Saturday where we went to pick up our numbers and a very generous free water bottle!

I must admit to not sleeping much that night due to nerves and knowing we had to be up at 4.45am to get to our starting position. The day started with 2 Shredded Wheat and then believe it or not a 7 mile bike ride to get to the start. We were positive and called it a warm up.

As with all large events there is a lot of hanging around before you start, but the marshalling and organisation was excellent. We were right at the front of Orange wave M overlooking the Olympic stadium as we waited to start.

We started the ride at 8.20am after a big countdown and we were off with adrenaline flowing and hearts pumping, trying to remember the sage advice of don’t start too quickly! It was fabulous right from the start. Riding a bike on closed roads is fairly rare and privileged thing to be able to do. With all concerns about cars vans and lorries removed along with the need to stop for junctions, traffic lights or roundabouts you do travel far more quickly than normal.

You will have to excuse this Yorkshireman for not remembering or knowing the exact route details, but we flew round Trafalgar square, went past the V&A and out over Chiswick Bridge before heading through Richmond park and past Hampton Court. We were loving every mile and keeping up a great pace as we headed out into Surrey.

Surrey was green, leafy and had a couple of small hills that we needed to get up. Leith Hill was the pick of the bunch. Lots of people were walking, but we made it up. Each corner you came to you thought this is it, only to go round and find a bit more hill!

I waited at the top for Sophia and the ride down the other side was worth the climb. Tactfully I didn’t discuss the disadvantages of  “it’ll be alright” training compared to hill training!

We passed through some familiar places as we have family in Leatherhead. I was really disappointed that they hadn’t chalked our names on the road! But we were heading for home and back inside the M25. Sophia’s Legs metaphorically fell off at about 75 miles and I had to be there cycling next to her with useful fatherly advice like “just keep turning the pedals”. I won’t disclose her response.

The last challenge was Wimbledon Hill at 90 miles which everyone said is awful. There were big crowds, bands and lots of encouragement and we floated up the hill pretty easily. At this point Sophia realised she was just about there and the smile came back.

We came back into Central London over Putney Bridge and what an amazing finish, heading along the Embankment before taking in Horse Guards, The Houses of Parliament and of course an absolutely Iconic finish down the Mall towards the Palace.

Thank you to Kids for Kids for the chance to ride. It was an amazing experience and made all the better by knowing that we were raising money that will help to make life more sustainable for some of the most disadvantaged children in the world.

If people want to add to our sponsorship, you can donate at and many many thanks to the people who have generously supported us. We will be back next year!



Are you interested in taking on a challenge and raising funds for Kids for Kids?  Find out what challenges are available or get in touch to tell us of your own challenge!

Cyclists cross the Finish Line!

This year we were absolutely delighted to have four cyclists taking part in the 100 mile cycle from the middle of London into the beautiful Surrey Hills and the famous slopes of Box Hill – mean feat!

Representing Delamere Dairy, long time supporter of Kids for Kids, Alan and Stuart took on this weekend’s cycle and have raised £2,000 (so far!) that will go directly to Darfur!  “It was so much better in the dry this year – last year I was soaked to the skin before crossing the starting line!” said Stuart. “The better weather meant both Leith Hill and Box Hill were fully open, so we completed the full 100 miles. We told other riders and spectators about Kids for Kids whenever we could. All the best!”

Newer supporters of Kids for Kids, Julian Taylor and his daughter Sophia also took on the Prudential cycle and thoroughly  enjoyed it.  “Thank you to Kids for Kids for the chance to ride. It was an amazing experience and made all the better by knowing that we were raising money that will help to make life more sustainable for some of the most disadvantaged children in the world,” said Julian.  Julian has written all about his experience preparing for this challenge and then taking part. It is sure to inspire you – read here!

“I am beyond grateful!” said Patricia Parker MBE, Founder and CEO. “All our riders have been absolutely brilliant in raising funds for Kids for Kids and they did a fantastic job in their cycle. It means so much to us to have people take on such an intense challenge, knowing they are helping children with so little in Darfur.”

We are so grateful to these cyclists for their hard work training and fundraising in advance of the event. There is still time to support them via their fundraising pages. Anything you donate will go straight to Darfur.

Support Alan and Stuart!

Support Julian and Sophia!

And don’t forget to read Julian Taylor’s Personal Account of the 2019 Prudential RideLondon!


Sudan is in Turmoil – Please Help

Over the past months, Sudan has been in turmoil, not just in the capital, but across the entire country. People have taken up the cry “We are Darfur” at last realising the tragedy of life in Darfur since the violence started in 2002.  Families in Darfur have faced violence and uncertainty for years.

In a time when people are creating fake instagram accounts pretending to raise funds to help get food to those in great need in Sudan, we want to assure you that there is something real you can do to help. To make an immediate and long-lasting difference to children’s lives during this time of uncertainty please support Kids for Kids, the only charity created specifically to help families in Darfur.  With the help of volunteers from the 92 communities we have adopted to date, we have been providing life saving and life transforming grassroots projects since 2001. Today we can say we have helped over 500,000 people in one of the most remote and inaccessible regions of the world – but there are thousands more in dire need.

We are glad to tell you all that during the internet outage that plagued the country until just recently, we have still had news coming in about all our projects from our Programme Manager, Salim, and our Project Leader, Hassan. The news has all come via texts – a very difficult and time consuming method – but incredibly important so we could stay up to date with all that was happening. Their hard work and dedication has kept us able to function and continue working despite the lack of internet. There is no electricity in villages,  but internet in El Fasher (backed up by a generator when the electricity fails – which is frequent) means we are normally in touch on a daily basis with our wonderful team.

Latest News:  The bi-annual goat rotation and review meetings in Hillat Minair Village, adopted in 2016 were held on Monday 15th July, in Um Keddada (2016) on Wednesday 17th July, and Aefin (2016) on Monday 22nd July. This means even more families now have goats, and that means milk for their children.  Their lives will be changed for good.


Did you know that children died from starvation in 2018 in Darfur?   The world did nothing. But now you can help. One of our key projects is a Goat Loan Programme.  Our Goats mean milk with urgently needed protein and nutrients for children who suffer malnutrition, and excess milk gives an income for women, who sell surplus goat’s milk and yogurt at market.  We are providing goats for the poorest 353 families across eight villages in urgent need – can you help?

A goat costs just £50, but anything, however small, will help us to make a difference in one of the most neglected regions of the world. Please donate now if you believe in the future of Sudan.

Please also share this page!  Small donations really do add up to make a huge difference. And please don’t forget to tag us.  We are on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Bristol’s Clifton College raises over £2000!

Earlier this year we were delighted to receive the news that the alma mater of Alan Jenkins, Kids for Kids Trustee, was to support our life-saving work in 2019!  Clifton College, established in 1862 in Bristol, has a wonderful charity committee who research and vote for charities they want to support each term – and chose Kids for Kids this past term!

Students came up with some brilliant fundraising ideas and ended up holding many events for Kids for Kids! These included Valentines Day chocolate sales, ice-cream sales, a second-hand uniform pop-up shop, and a home-clothes day!  How imaginative and brilliant fun does that all sound?! All these activities together have raised a huge total of £2112.29, which will go straight to our projects in Darfur!

Patricia Parker, Kids for Kids Founder, says “People are really struggling in Darfur right now.  Inflation continues to be over 40%, people cannot afford the most basic of essentials, bread and medicines, and even these are in short supply across the whole country.  The big aid agencies have not been in Darfur for years so there is little hope of help for anyone living in remote villages, beyond the camps, however desperate their need. This is why the support of Clifton College makes a huge difference to us.”

Patricia hopes to visit Clifton College in the Autumn to speak with the students, letting them know exactly what the funds they raised have been able to do for children in Darfur, Sudan. It is beyond important that all our supporters can see the real impact their hard work is having.

Thank you, Clifton College! 


If your school is interested in supporting Kids for Kids, please get in touch!   We would love to hear from you.

Farleigh School Cakes go for Goats!

We are delighted to share with you a brilliant fundraiser held on Friday June 14th at Farleigh School in Andover, Hampshire. A cake sale held by the Girls in Year 6 has raised a fantastic £390!

In November, Patricia Parker MBE, Kids for Kids Founder and CEO, was invited by Deputy Head Mike Matthews to visit the School. “It was such a heartwarming visit,” Patricia recalls. “Children in the scholarship class had such thoughtful questions.”

The Kids for Kids team is thrilled by the huge amount raised from a cake sale. “It just goes to show how successful something enjoyed so much at school can make an amazing difference to children so incredibly far away. Students at Farleigh worked really hard to make all the super treats, and now they are choosing exactly what they feel will have the biggest sustainable impact on children their own age in Darfur. Thank you all, so much.”

Year 6 Girls have decided where they would like the funds to be spent in Darfur and have chosen to purchase with their earnings: One Donkey, One Goat, 100 Vaccinations, 20 Fruit Trees, Two Jerry Cans, Two Mosquito Nets, Three Laying Hens and a Rooster, and Training to take care of the Animals. Patricia told the girls, “Your decisions about what to put the money towards are all really thoughtful and things people cannot possibly afford to buy – and all of our projects succeed of course because of training.  It is so rewarding to see that you really understand what we are doing.”

Mrs Dianne Rawlings, Farleigh Librarian, says, “We think that the cake sale will be the beginning of our fund raising.”  Most welcome words!!  Have a really well earned summer holiday, all at Farleigh School – what a high at the end of a successful school year.



If you know a school that would like to support Kids for Kids, please get in touch! We would so love to hear from you.

What a Ball!

This year’s Ambassadors’ Ball went above and beyond what we could have hoped for! From the champagne reception sponsored by Moet & Chandon,  to dancing to the Funktonite tunes, every moment was filled with smiles, generosity, and so much love for Kids for Kids. We are blown away by how kind everyone has been, including  friends unable to attend the Ball, who have made donations towards our total. With the situation in Sudan so unstable the one thing sadly we know already is that conditions for families in Darfur will be even worse.

We are just finalising the total raised from The Ambassadors’ Ball this year so stay tuned!!! But for now please enjoy some of the photographs from a most incredible evening and put Saturday June 6th in your calendar for the 2020 Ambassadors’ Ball!  With a huge thanks to our fantastic photographer, Antonia Penia who has outdone herself once more! A selection of photos are below, with many many more available for purchase on Antonia’s website here: Please contact Antonia with any questions:

Kids for Kids Founder invited to 11 Downing Street for The Times / Sternberg Active Life Award Ceremony

“For some people turning 70 represents time to slow down, scale back on their activities and start putting themselves first. Other exceptional people, however, do the opposite and continue with or even step up their involvement in the communities or causes that matter to them.”

Patricia Parker MBE, 71-year-old CEO and Founder of Kids for Kids, had the honour of being named Runner Up in The Times/Sternberg Active Life Award, recognising the achievements of those over the age of 70.  Patricia and colleagues were welcomed by The Sir Sigmund Sternberg Charitable Foundation together with The Times Newspaper to 11 Downing Street, by kind permission of the Rt. Hon. The Chancellor of the Exchequer. Winner of this year’s Award was Denis Rutovitz (90), who started Edinburgh Direct Aid in 1992 and has made many trips providing urgently needed aid all over the world – from Kosovo during the Croatian War of Independence to Kenya to help AIDS orphans to Sri Lanka post Tsunami.

Patricia said, “I am hugely honoured to be named Runner Up to such an outstanding man. It was such a pleasure to meet him and learn what he continues to achieve. I am also thrilled for Kids for Kids. Being recognised by such a prestigious Award will I hope raise the profile of the forgotten children of Darfur who live in such deprived conditions. For this to happen now, when Sudan is in turmoil, is perfect timing. Whoever ends up running Sudan has enormous challenges to face, and because Darfur is so far from the capital it has always been the last to receive help of any kind. This recognition will help spread the news of the life-saving sustainable projects we provide to remote communities, transforming the lives of children long term.” Patricia has donated her £1,000 Award to provide more help to children in Darfur.

The presentation ceremony at Downing Street on Tuesday 21st May heard from Baroness Altmann about distinguished earlier recipients of the Award, as well as from Michael Sternberg from the Sternberg Foundation who reminded us of the many people across history whose greatest achievements have been when others might have stepped back into retirement. Mr Rutovitz gave a moving speech about the importance of getting more older people involved in helping those around the world in great need. After returning to Edinburgh after his first visit to Bosnia, Denis realised that there were many people willing and eager to help by fundraising and donating, and that not only was he going to continue helping those in need, his work would be helping those looking for a way to help. Patricia too found that it was not only children in Darfur whose lives Kids for Kids is changing. “It is a privilege to speak to children here. They are excited and empowered by finding that raising even a little money themselves makes a real impact on children their own age living such different lives. It gives them hope and helps them realise that you are never too young – or too old – to make a difference!” said Patricia.

The Times/ Sternberg Active Life Award was set up in 2008 by Sir Sigmund Sternberg, a British- Hungarian businessman, inter-faith campaigner and philanthropist, in conjunction with The Times. He died in 2016. This year’s judging panel included Sir John Ritblat and Sir Tom Farmer, the businessmen, and Craig Tregurtha, group managing editor of The Times and The Sunday Times.

For More Information or to use any Photographs please contact Sage Lancaster:, 07528 194495

Please Note: All official photos taken by Richard Pohle, The Times Photographer. Photos from Darfur taken by Alastair King-Smith

Happy Birthday, Kids for Kids!

Friday, March 8th, is International Women’s Day – and our 18th Birthday!

“Please celebrate with me!” that is the message from Patricia Parker MBE who founded Kids for Kids 18 years ago!   She says “It is hard to believe that since 2001 we have transformed the lives of 500,000 people in 92 villages, but we can’t stop there.   Last year was a terrible time for mothers in Darfur and we are all determined to make this year better for as many children as we can.   Please will you give a Kids for Kids Birthday Present today? We are determined to adopt eight villages this year, but we need your help.”

This Friday is International Women’s Day and our 18th Birthday, and one of our projects on GlobalGiving is lucky enough to be involved in a campaign which means your donations will go even farther!!   YES – DONATE ON FRIDAY 8th AND 30% WILL BE ADDED WHATEVER YOU DONATE!

What better way to celebrate your fantastic support of Kids for Kids then by having your donation matched at 30% by GlobalGiving? Our project ‘Empowering Women to Earn an Income’ is in the running to earn potential funding for the whole year from GlobalGiving. On Friday March 8th starting at 9am EST (2pm GMT) all donations up to $250/£128 (whilst funds last) to this project will be matched at 30%. Set a calendar reminder now and donate this Friday to help us celebrate our 18th Birthday!! Please can you help?!

This Bonus Day is part of a bigger campaign where our Empowering Women Project is in the running to secure funding for the whole year. If you miss donating on Friday you can still donate before 11:59PM EST on Thursday March 14th (4:59am GMT on Friday March 15th).  Every penny counts – even a $10/£10 donation will go far, counting as a ‘vote’ towards securing funding. it is not about how much money we raise overall, but the number of individual donors who give!  Please help us by mobilising your friends to donate.

Please read the Terms and Conditions for this campaign to ensure you know what’s what:   Last year this campaign was a huge success, bringing in 111 donations from different people and raising £7,100 ($9,600) and our goal is to raise even more this year – can you help?!!