Andrew Macara NEAC

About Andrew Macara NEAC

Andrew Macara briefly studied contemporary modern British art with Leonard Fuller at the St. Ives School of Painting but he considers himself a self-taught artist.  He was elected to the NEAC in 1984.  He has undertaken several painting commissions for public and private modern British art collectors and has won many art awards. He has exhibited in the RA Summer Exhibition and other British galleries: his work is now available at the Red Rag Gallery. He was awarded the De Lazlo art medal in 1985 and an award at the RBA in 2005.  Andrew Macara travels extensively gathering images for paintings from around the world but his native Derbyshire continues to feature in many paintings, particularly the more recent winter scenes.

Talking about Macara’s paintings, Prof. Ken Howard says: “I have known and admired his work for many years.  Although he has painted many different subjects over the years, the subject is always incidental to Light.  His paintings glow and as with all the best paintings of light they never describe.  They are always an equivalent for light – the light comes from the canvas.  As well as being full of light his paintings are also full of life. Whether it be life on the beach, in the playground, or in the zoo, Andrew simplifies but always captures the essence of his subject.  His work is full of movement atmosphere and space.  His paintings are deservedly popular for he touches the everyday joy of life”.