Maureen’s birthday walk

It makes our knees wobbly just to think about this challenge!

To celebrate her milestone birthday, Maureen undertook a huge adrenalin challenge on 4th August – a Wing Walk!  A gift paid for by the family for her 75th birthday, Maureen said ‘I wanted the starving children in Darfur to benefit if friends and family and supporters of Kids for Kids would be kind enough to sponsor me. Knowing the money goes directly to those needing it is a great incentive.  I’m rather nervous and will probably be terrified on the day, but the cause will spur me on!  I think this will be my last challenge so please help to save those starving children.”

The week before the walk, the weather looked dubious and the participant nervous, but thankfully the day arrived and it was fine enough to fly.  Maureen said “I was getting a bit nervous on Wednesday and wondering if the winds would affect the flight taking place.  However, although it was windy it went off very well.  The experience was fantastic.  Once up there I could have stayed up all day!”  Perhaps Maureen’s words can inspire you to take on a challenge like this one too?!

Please donate for such bravery – you can do so on Maureen’s MyDonate page, or directly online to Kids for Kids, but please leave us a note if you do.

Maureen, you are so generous and brave with your support for Kids for Kids.  Thank you so much.  What you do makes an incredible different to the children in Darfur you are helping.